How to Afford a Paparazzi Accessories Starter Kit

Statistics and my own experience have indicated that if you sign up to become a Paparazzi Consultant with the $499 or $299 Starter Kit, you will have a greater chance of really succeeding with Paparazzi Accessories. You can read more about why I strongly encourage consultants to start with a larger Starter Kit here. If you know that you really want to start off right but feel you just can't afford that large of an initial investment then I am here to help! Here are some quick little ideas you can do to help you save up for that Starter Kit. Try these and you will be selling Paparazzi Jewelry in no time!

        - Have a Garage Sale! We all have "junk" around the house that you could easily sell to others! List your items on Craig's List or post about your sale everywhere! You could even sell stuff on EBay!

- Sacrifice! Is there something you could give up for a month or two? Maybe soda, a daily trip to Starbuck's, candy, eating out, or your monthly pedicure? Take that money and put it towards the kit. You'll be surprised at just how much money you will come up with! It may be hard to go without but just think of all the pedicures and lattes you can afford when your Paparazzi business is booming!

- Credit Card! Credit cards are awesome if you don't abuse them! If you put your starter kit on a credit card you will be able to pay that amount off when you have sold just 60 pieces! That is one to two parties!

Here is another thing to think about:

A Consultant who signs up with a $300 kit usually will sell $250 at their first Launch Party (*some will do more, some will do less*). That is 50 pieces. This consultant will still have 50 pieces left for another party. Those left over 50 pieces only cost that consultant $50! And they have the hooks, receipts, repair kit, etc. that came in the kit!

This consultant can then reinvest the amount she got back and buy more pieces to sell or she can pay herself $100 and then reinvest in 50 more pieces to have her inventory back up to 100 pieces. If this consultant did this 3 times, she will have paid herself back the initial $300 Starter Kit price and still have 100 pieces of jewelry paid for! She can now start really making money after only 3 parties or she can invest in building a bigger inventory which, in turn, will bring in more money and business!

Lets look at a consultant who started Paparazzi Accessories with $100 to invest. 

Oh, I feel bad for her and I just made her up!

I hope this really explains why the Starter Kit is the way to go! I also hope I gave you ideas on how to find that $300 for that initial investment! I have had gals on my team who have sold over $200 worth before the jewelry even gets out of the box! Women go crazy over this stuff! It is so much fun!

If you have any questions please let me know!

Debbie Parkin