Are there monthly requirements to meet for Paparazzi Accessories Consultants?

There are no monthly quotas that need to be met to keep your Independent Paparazzi Consultant status. However, in order to get paid commissions from your down-line (team) you will need to be "ACTIVE" for that month. To be considered "ACTIVE" you must buy at least 50 PV's (25 pieces) in that calendar month.

There are definetly "perks" for being an "Active" Paparazzi Consultant.


-You will be included in Paparazzi's "Official" Consultant Search Results. Customers who are wanting to buyfrom have to find a Consultnat to put their order under. This Consultant list is of those Consultants that were active the previous month. If you were not active, you will not show up in search results.


- Consultants who join my team will also be featured on my website's Consultant Search Feature. Tons of my team members have done parties and have even recruited because of this feature!


- Another benefit for my team is I give Face Book Parties to those that are active.


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Debbie Parkin