We Help Our Team Sell!

Our main focus with Paparazzi is helping our team be successful!

We have developed a tool to help you sell your inventory! This is FREE to our team! All you have to do is setup your teamdazzlingdivas account, signup for the Premiere App with Paparazzi and load your inventory!

To setup your teamdazzlingdivas account click here: TeamDazzlingDivas.com/register

Setup your Paparazzi Premiere App. Instructions here: https://wayroo.com/paparazzi-premiere-training-library/

Once you have both setup make sure to return to your TeamDazzlingDivas account and update your dashboard with your Paparazzi Premiere URL.

Here is where/how to find your Premiere url: https://youtube.com/shorts/B708j2BImK8

Add your inventory to your Premiere site! We feature our teams inventory in our daily emails to our customers! Make sure to participate in our Facebook Groups as we select those that are active to help push their products!