Paparazzi Facebook Live Parties


FB live is essential to your business! It is the latest popular way to sell the jewelry. WHY? Because it shows YOU! It shows YOUR excitement and love for the product! People want to know YOU! It also showcases the jewelry a lot better than just pictures alone. The teams that are hosting and doing FB Live parties have the highest rate of growth in the company!

Don't let your fears hold you back from success! It may be scary the first couple times you go Live but you will get used to it!!! Promise!

Here are some tips and tricks on how to do a Paparazzi Accessories Facebook Live Party:

Here is how:

1 - On your phone or iPad, open up your Facebook app.

2 - Go to the page, group, or wherever you want to go Live in.

3 - Pretend like you are going to do a regular status post and it will give you options like pictured below:
Here are some tips and things to think about with Paparazzi Facebook Live Parties.
Just follow E.A.T.!






People feed off of your excitement! Make sure you show your love and that "Paparazzi Ooze" during your live feed! 



- Background: neat, clean, and inviting. Messiness is often distracting.

- Lighting


- Volume: talk loudly! You want to be heard!


- Camera: good angle, maybe get a tri-pod


- Stuff happens! Play off of it!


- Have jewelry already out of the packaging!


- Take the time to look at your set up. Make sure it looks good!


- Personal Appearance: "Family Picture Ready" is what they suggest. When you look put together you automatically become more confident and comfortable.



The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing! Figure out when the right time to talk about hosting a party, the opportunity, etc is during your party!


Quick run-down of how to do a Paparazzi FB Live Party: 
- Determine how many pieces you will show 
- Number each piece.
- When you hold up the piece make sure you say what number that piece is. 
- Showcase each individual piece of jewelry.

Here is a picture of how I have my Paparazzi Accessories Facebook Live Parties set up! I stand in front of this board. I bought numbered cards from Amazon.

How many pieces should I show? The more you show, the more you sell! It's just like doing a home party or an event. You want a lot of selection and variety! I usually try to do at least 100 pieces each party.

How long should my Facebook Live Party be? It depends how many pieces you are showing! Mine are usually 1 to 1.5 hours long.

How do people buy from a Paparazzi Facebook Live Party? Those that are watching the party simply comment "Sold" along with the number that the piece is attached too. For example if there is a necklace that is #7 that someone wants, they would type "Sold #7" in the comments. At the end of the party you can announce that you need their email addresses. Once the email address is collected you will send an invoice. Once the invoice is paid you ship out the order!