5 Weekly Actions that will Keep Your Business ALIVE & THRIVING!


These five steps and principles will help you be more successful in your Paparazzi business. They will also help you see consistent results and consistent income from your business.




A - Ask

L - Look

I - Invite

V - Visit

E - Educate & Empower


AASK at least 10 new people to host a party!


LLook forYard Sale Groups on Facebook. Join 10 new groups each day. Post in the previous day Facebook Groups about the Paparazzi Oportunity.

Videos on how to do this:



Also, LOOK for new places to leave business cards, hang up fliers, place lead generation boxes, set up for vendor events, RETIREMENT HOMES… Market your business everywhere! Leave a paper trail (but don’t litter).


IInvite at least 5 new people to join your team!


VVisit with your DOWNLINE! Contact your team members for a weekly encouragement, accountability & goal setting session! When their business grows so does yours!


EEducate & Empower yourself! Attend/Listen to any team and company training calls or webinars being held each week. Watch/Listen to recordings from past training calls or webinars. Also read books and newsletters from business, direct sales and success coaches.


Remember, direct sales is all about marketing and connecting with customers and potential customers, hosts and team recruits.


You will always get back exactly what you put into your business.


If you want to see bigger, better and more consistent results, then talk to more people and work on a consistent basis.


Your success is up to you!