What Comes in the $99 Starter Kit for Paparazzi Jewelry?

The $99 Verified Influencer Pack (VIP) is a great way to start your Paparazzi Journey!

It comes with 35 pieces of Jewelry. And the best part? YOU get to choose what jewelry you will receive in your Paparazzi Starter Kit!

You will also receive a Planner Notebook and Pen.

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The $99 Paparazzi Starter Kit is a great way to start your Paparazzi journey. It is called the "Preview Pack". 

Paparazzi 99 Dollar Starter Kit 2020

Here is a list of items that come in the $99 Starter Kit:
(This is for Paparazzi Starter kits released in 2020)

- 35 pieces of Jewelry -
The pieces that come in the $99 Paparazzi Starter Kit are hand selected by the Paparazzi Jewelry Stylists. They want to make sure you have a great variety and selection of colors and styles (like long and short necklaces, etc.). These pieces include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Some of these pieces included in the Paparazzi $99 Starter Kit are exclusive to the kit. These are HOT jewelry pieces that your first customers are going to LOVE!

- Style Snapshot -
Part of the 35 pieces you will receive in the Paparazzi Starter Kit are part of the "Fashion Fix". This is a group of 4 pieces that create an entire look. It usually includes a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and a ring. A "Style Snapshot" is a large picture of the coordinating pieces on a model. 

- Style Tip Card - 
A "Style Snapshot" is a card that comes with the Fashion Fix showing each piece and describing how the pieces go together to create a complete look. This is a great resource to have so you can learn how to match jewelry in your own inventory to make complete sets.

- Necklace Bust -
A necklace bust is a great business tool to have. Paparazzi includes a bust so you can proudly display any necklace. It is a black velvet bust which will show off any color of necklace you display on it. It has a stand built into the back of it so you can use it as a display for home parties, fairs, or flea markets.

- 100 Pink Sales Bag -
After your customers are done shipping and purchase all the fabulous $5 jewelry they would like, these pink sales bags come in handy. They are made in Paparazzi's signature pink color and display the crown logo. If you are at an event, your customers will walk around holding these bright pink bags and others will see this free advertisement and come looking for your booth!

- Paparazzi Party Planner -
This is a a spiral bound book that is full of helpful worksheets to get your business started. It has helpful tabs that go over the Paparazzi Compensation Plan, ranks, the Fashion Fix, and more. There are also pages to write down your clientele information. At the back of the book you will find tons of calendar pages. This Planner is a great way to stay organized.

 - 25 Display Hooks -
One of the great ways to show and display your Paparazzi jewelry is with peg board displays. You can buy pegboard at any home improvement store and have them cut them to the size you would like. The display hooks included in the Starter Kit are perfect to use with peg board displays. They go in the holes easily and you can hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on them and display them beautifully. 

- Complete Jewelry Tool Kit - 
Be prepared for any small repair with this Jewelry Tool Kit. This kit is full of jump rings, earring backs, fish hooks, lobster clasps, chains, etc. And it is all stored in a plastic container that has little compartments you can separate the pieces in so you're ultra organized. This kit also includes a pair of needle nose pliers.

- 25 Party Invitations -
Fill out these invites and give them to your friends and family to invite them to your first Open House party! These are beautiful invitations that showcase a spectacular piece of jewelry on one side and on the other side it gives you plenty of space to right the party details. 

- Vinyl Window Decal -
Let everyone know about your new business with this Paparazzi jewelry pink logo! It is great to put it on your car.

- 25 Receipts -
You may use these paper receipts to give to your customers. This is great for parties and events. You will have records of your transactions. 

- 5 Consultant Enrollment Forms -
These come in handy when you are at an event and someone would like to become a Paparazzi consultant. Have them fill out the form and then call Paparazzi Customer Support to complete the enrollment process.

- 10 Thank You Cards -
These cards are the perfect way to thank your customers for supporting your business. The cards are blank on the inside so you have plenty of room to write a personalized message. You may want to include a business card with it!

- 10 Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards -
This is a great card to give to your loyal customers that keep coming back for more! After purchasing 12 pieces from you, you can reward them with one free piece! 

- 5 Compensation Plan Brochures -
If someone is interested in the Paparazzi opportunity you can hand them a Paparazzi Compensation Plan Brochure. This goes over the comp plan and how you can advance in the Paparazzi jewelry business. This is also a great tool to use to study yourself so you can answer any questions they may have.   

Q. How long does it take to get your Paparazzi starter kit?  
A.  It takes about 10 days to receive your Paparazzi starter kit.

Paparazzi Jewelry $99 Starter Kit!