Collection: White Paparazzi Earrings

No tone works better with everything better than white.  White earrings take a blank outfit and make it chic—they take a so-so ensemble and turn it into something magnificent.   White earrings work great on casual outfits and even better when you're ready to go full-on class.  Accessorizing with White Paparazzi Earrings at just $5 is the smart choice.   New styles added each weekday.  

White earrings can elevate any outfit – from jeans to a little black dress. They look classy and chic, so they'll work for both casual wear or the more formal aesthetic. With that in mind, our White Paparazzi Earrings might be your best choice for your next piece of statement wear. From beautiful tassels, to dazzling crystals; white stones and fanciful flowers- The designs of this set will add just the right amount of sparkle to your outfit and make sure everyone knows that you mean business!