What are Paparazzi Jewelry's Best selling items?


I’ve been asked many times what my best-selling items are.  So here is my answer!

 1 - I HIGHLY recommend you carry some blockbuster necklaces.  I sell more blockbuster necklaces than any other kind of necklace.  Be careful though – because not every blockbuster necklace is one that I would order.  Keep in mind that blockbusters are 5 of the exact same item.  These are my suggestions for blockbuster necklaces.

a.     Short Charm Necklace.  This comes in black, white, brown, blue and red.   I carry all 5 colors.   I think black, white and blue are my best sellers.

b.     Ribbon necklaces – This comes in white, pink, brown, grey, black, and purple.  I usually have all 6 colors.  White and pink are my best sellers.

c.     Peach glaze necklace - Women who love chunky love this one.

d.     Silver Mesh Balls and ____ pearls – This comes in white, pink, purple, brown, gray and black.  It is hard to say which sells the best.  Probably white, pink, or purple.

e.     Moon Charm Necklace

f.       Oval Rings with Rhinestones - Comes in white and black.  I sell both colors – especially if I wear it or display it on a black bust!

g.     Silver rings and discs – Comes in silver and gunmetal.  It looks great on!


     2 - Silver cuffs – You can find some of these in variety kits or blockbusters.  If you buy them in the variety kits and they sell out, you may want to order a blockbuster style.

     3 - Urban/leather Bracelets – I sell quite a few of the leather bracelets.  The ones that are wider with flowers/rhinestones on sell better for me.

     4 - Wire Flower Earrings.  These are blockbusters. They come in two different sizes and in silver and gunmetal for both sizes.  I carry all 4.  They all sell.  The bigger ones sell a little better than the smaller size.


I always have a variety of silver and gunmetal earrings.  Those are my best selling “color.”  Then probably black and white. Neutral necklaces are popular, but so are some of the colors.   My least popular colors are orange, yellow and green.  (These colors sell better in the fall.) Rarely do I order rings in yellow or orange just because it takes so long for me to sell them.  If you have a smaller inventory, you may not carry all items in every color.

I sell more necklaces than anything.  Then earrings.   After that, it just depends on the crowd.  If there is a party where a bunch of younger girls/daughters are, I sell a bunch of hair accessories and starlet shimmers.

Even though I recommend you have blockbuster necklaces in your inventory, you also need to have variety.  So order a blockbuster or two with variety kits and the next time you order, order a few more blockbusters.

If you are a retail business or store and only have a little space for display, I recommend the blockbusters above for you!

Another suggestion is to swap blockbusters with other consultants on your team.  They buy some and you buy different ones then trade with each other!