Welcome Letter Sample

Hi ,
I am so happy you joined my team! I just got back from a Paparazzi Seminar and it just reinforced in me how awesome this company and product is! Read through this letter and please let me know if you have any questions! And don't feel overwhelmed with all the attachments! Go through them at your own time! I'm here to help when ever you need me!
Because you are on my team there are many resources available to help you. Five of the top nine consultants in the company are in our up-line. I love Paparazzi because we all want to see each other succeed. It's not a competition for customers. And because of that you can go to any one of us for help.
Here are some great Training Videos my up-line, Michelle, made to help answer any questions you might have:
Compensation Plan: http://youtu.be/GUWJGiqvuAY
Michelle's Story: http://youtu.be/c7K6DPjns1U

Why Paparazzi Rocks!: http://youtu.be/9Riy1mWBE-c

Ordering: http://youtu.be/OgIPq0Jnhrw
Here are some other things that will help you get started:
1 - Use me! 
Please feel free email me and ask for advice, help, or assistance at any time. I am usually pretty quick at answering emails.
2 - Facebook! 
There are many Facebook groups you can join that will assist you with your Paparazzi business. You can read other consultant's questions, successes, ideas, documents, etc. The group that I'm on is called "Johnnie's Jewels". Ask to be invited. You can also join "Team Hadley" (Natalie Hadley), "TeamJemPro" (Andrea Janke), "Frank Divas" (Britney and Robin Frank), and "Accessory Addicts" (Taylor and Rachel Kirby). These are the top consultants.
3 - Blogs! 
I recommend making a Facebook page and/or a blog or website where people can find you online. It will also get the word out about your new business. Check the attached documents for help on how to do this.

4 - Websites! 
Check out TeamjemPro.com and PartyWithTeamHadley.com for TONS of information to help you get started. You can find business cards, display instructions, cheat sheets, etc. These sites are a great resource for you. You can look at my website DebsJewelryShop.com also. 
If you would like a website like mine you can get a free 15 day trial here: http://www.bigcommerce.com/p/10934-0-3-1.html

5 - Youtube! 
There are MANY videos about Paparazzi on YouTube. Type in what you want to know and you can find just about anything! I recommend looking at the displays from "OhSoGroovy".
6 - Conference Calls! 
Corporate Paparazzi, JemPro, Franks, and Natalie Hadley have consistent phone trainings. Try to listen to some of them. They will motivate you and give you great tips!
7 - Newsletters! 
Every month I send out a newsletter. Read it! Pass it on to people who are interested in becoming a consultant. Send me success stories you want everyone to know about!
8 - Training! 
Make time to walk through the consultant website. You can Log In to your website at: https://extranet.securefreedom.com/paparazzi/login.aspx?
I have a challenge for everyone who joins my team: become a "DIRECTOR" in your FIRST 30 DAYS!!

First - contact 50 people in your first 10 days and let them know you have joined Paparazzi and will be selling cute $5 jewelry and accessories. Tell them you will give them FREE JEWELRY for booking a party. Post something about your new business on Facebook! 

Second - Book at least 5 parties from your 50 people you've contacted. 

Third - Throw a "Launch Party". This is where you have a Paparazzi Party at your own home and you invite EVERYONE!!! People will be amazed at the quality and beauty of the jewelry! 

And the last challenge is to become a "Director" in your first month! That means if you can get 3 people to join your team and order 25 peaces of jewelry or more in your fist month, you will advance rank!

Here is a video that Natalie Hadley put together on achieving this goal:

I know it might sound intimidating but you can DO IT! If you put all your heart into it and work at it, you WILL achieve it!
Please plan your launch party ASAP! I want you to experience success and get your business started! Paparazzi works, women love it! I want you to know that too!
Attached are some documents I have. Save them! Copy them! Use them! Send them to your own down line!
I'm excited to have you on my team and to see how fast you grow your business! Remember to email me with any questions!
Debbie Parkin
Consultant #11156