VIP Group



What is a Facebook VIP Shopping Group?

A VIP Group is a group on Facebook that you set up. You then invite your customers, friends, family, etc, to join your group! In this group, you post new pieces you have for sale, host FB parties, or anything that lets you stay in front of your customers!


 How to make a VIP Group

Watch this video clip by our upline, Natalie Hadley:



Now that you have the Group set up,

here's what to do next:


How to Add Friends to Your VIP Group

- Message you customers, family, friends, etc and ask if they would like to be added to your group. Make sure you let them know the perks of being a part of it! (see below)

- You can also post a link to your group on your Facebook page, asking if anyone wants an invite to the group.

- Don't just post the link in a message or on Facebook without asking them if they would like to join, they won't join on their own! Hard work of messaging them will pay off for potential sales and recruits!!

Here's an idea on how to add people to your group. Feel free to use on your page to gain members!

Who wants to win FREE bling?? Add 10 friends to this group, then comment DONE and you'll be entered to win a free piece! Drawing will be held when we get to 500 members!! Start adding friends!




 Creating a personal touch lets customers get to know YOU and also keeps them interested on in your product! You don't just want to post jewelry and nothing else. Put your personality into it!


Ways to put YOU in Your VIP Group:

- Post uplifting quotes



- Post "Day of the Week" themes to create interaction. Have a drawing on Saturday for everyone who participates for a few free pieces.


- Personal Message everyone who joins your group


Here's an Idea as to What to Pin at the Top of Your Group


Thanks for joining my VIP $5 Paparazzi Group!! To shop from my group Just comment SOLD on any item you want to buy then message me when you are all done shopping and I will send you a payment invoice.  

All items are just $5 plus tax and shipping. 

Feel free to post on the wall asking for references about my service to any of the members of the group who have shopped with me before so you have confidence in me prior to shopping.  

You can friend request me too if you'd like! 

If you prefer you can also shop directly from my website at Just click on shop or products to get to the jewels! 

If you would like to earn FREE jewelry through my club you can host a Facebook party in my group . You get 1 free item for hosting a party and 1 free for every 10 items that sells at your party! You get to pick whatever items you'd like for FREE. You invite your friends to my group and I do all the rest! 

Lastly, but not least if you would like to sell this jewelry for yourself and make 45% profit on every item you sell, you can!. There are no monthly quotas to meet so if you just want to sign up and NOT sell just to get the wholesale discount which is $2.75 per item you can do that too! Let me know if you'd like more info on how to get going. I’m just glad you are here! Thanks so much!  





How to create an event in your group:




For example: April 14 starting at 6 pm EST and Ending on April 15 starting at 6 pm EST.


- I post around 100 pictures at 6 pm both nights, and do roll call both nights!!


- You don't have to create an event to post. I have posted right into the group also! Click the pictures to enlarge!
- I post some albums, but mostly 2 pictures every 5 minutes on cinchshare!


- You can do it how it works for you, just post every 5 mins!




Here is the timeline:
Roll Call 5:55 pm
6:00 2 pictures
6:05 2 pictures
6:10 2 pictures
6:15 1 jewelry picture and 1 fun picture
6:20 2 pictures
6:25 2 pictures
6:30 games and 1 picture
6:35 album of 20 pictures
6:40 album of 20 pictures
6:45 2 pictures
6:50 2 pictures
6:55 2 pictures
7:00 2 pictures 
Continue until 8 pm the same pattern
**This is just an example of how I do it! You can do it how it works best for you!!**








Your VIP is made for selling as much as you can in your group!! It is like job security to me!




1-How often should you post in your group? As often as you would like!!




2-Should you post your own inventory or can you post what is in the back office and order it shortly after everyone has commented sold on what they want?




- I post new inventory and do a one day party in my group, once a week. I have it start at 6 pm and end it at 9 pm, I put orders in at 10 pm! It works well with things not being sold out.


- I have done a party starting at 6 pm and have it go until the next day closing at 9 pm. I post everything in the back office.




- I have had just a couple items sell out now and then. If that happens, it is all in how you handle it. I say "Oh wouldn't you know it, your piece sold out, BUT I have these 3 other bracelets to choose from." Then upload the pictures in the message to show them. 99% of the time they will pick another piece, and sale is saved!!




- You could also post your own inventory the first night and new items the second night!!




- You could do two parties a week: Start one on Monday at 6 and close at 9 to help with things selling out!! Do the same Friday!! 


- The shorter amount of time they have to order, the better, to help with things selling out!!




- You can post your own inventory of course or put in an order before you post!!














This is just like booking parties in your facebook parties! Here is this tried and true verbiage that I use to book! I get more yes answers than nos:


WOOT!!!! I am doing something so fun tonight! If you book a party, you get TWO FREE pieces of jewelry AND 1 FREE for every ten sold! It is easy and fun! It is an online party! You can party in your jammies!! All you do is invite and I do the rest!! Who's in?!?!?!?












- How often should you post about the business? I do once a week! If you do more than that, it is ok too! Just make sure to post at least once a week!


Here is what I posted in my group! I had people leave their email! You can use and change the story to your own and edit to your liking!! 


Hi beautiful ladies!!!!! I love my job!  I am looking to help 3 ladies join my team this month! Paparazzi has helped me put my husband through school, while he could only work 4 hours a week to become a Respiratory Therapist! I helped our family become financially stable by only working Paparazzi!! Amazing to think I provided for our family of 4 doing something SOOOO FUN! You can work as much or as little as you want! You can work from home, on vacation, from your phone, and anywhere!!! Our jewelry is in such high demand! The inventory changes, which keeps customers buying!!! I love that I can work and stay home with my kids!! I would love to help you!! #bestjobever #morethanfivedollarjewelry #wahm smile emoticon Post your email below for more info or just message me here on facebook!!! "How to Pay Your Bills" image






Have you tried to message those guests who buy from you every week? I have recruited my repeat customers! 


Feel feel to use this verbiage and edit to your liking:




Thanks for your purchase, you will love what you ordered!! Thanks for being such a great customer!! I have a question for you!! Have you ever thought about doing what I do?! You would be so great at this!! I love how I can work from home on my own time!!




This will start the conversation about your customer joining! I need to add that you should be getting to know her by messaging things as she purchases such as wishing her happy holidays and if you see her posts on facebook of her pet, Christmas tree, etc.


You need to like and compliment her posts! If you get to know her, the easier it is to recruit!