Top Leader

Who you choose as your Paparazzi Sponsor is an important decision.


- You need a sponsor who knows the business.


- You will need a sponsor that knows how to train their team so you can have success.


- You will need a sponsor that can keep you motivated.


- You will need a sponsor that can answer your questions in a timely manner!


By joining under me and my husband, Ty, you are getting it all!




Ty and I are part of the TOP .1% of the company! We have been with Paparazzi over 7 years. We know this company. We get special training from the Elite staff at Paparazzi. We then turn around and train our team about these things we have learned. We have also won several Paparazzi contests based on personal and team performance.


We are one of the top sellers in the company. We know how to sell and will give you guidance so you can sell your Paparazzi Jewelry and make an income.


We are the top recruiters in Paparazzi! We have personally added more consultants to our team than any other consultant. We will teach you how you can recruit and build your own team. This will give you residual income.


We received an award that no one has ever received in Paparazzi history; the Crown Club 150! This award is for having at least 150 personally sponsored consultants ACTIVE for 3 consecutive months. As your personal sponsor, we know how to keep you motivated and keep you working your business.