Shopify Check List

Shopify Training For Team Dazzling Divas!  

This is a checklist of items to do when you first get your Shopify site!  Please make sure to go through and watch each video so you know how to use your site!

How to make Collections (categories):


How to create Pages / content, this is a MUST  without unique content on your site google will NOT show your site up for searches!  PLEASE WATCH.


How to create menu / navigation items on your site.


Get a Mailchimp account!  This is FREE for up to 2,000 contact!  no video on this one, pretty straight forward on how to signup for an account.

Connect your Mailchimp account to your Shopify Account  (video coming soon)


Create an automated welcome series of emails for your customers. 

We have 3 emails that go out to any new customer added to our list.  They talk about joining, the benefits of being a consultant etc.

Create email template for Daily emails with your new items.  (video coming soon)


How to turn on 3rd party apps so you can connect your site to (Video coming soon)


How to create 3rd party app to connect to (video coming soon)


How to use our Preorder feature once you are connected to


How to import products from your Paparazzi orders.

How to ship with Shopify (video coming soon)


How to install pirateship

How to ship with pirateship.  (video coming soon)


Now that you have everything setup what's next?

Here is a list of the daily/weekly activities that we do to get customers to our site!