Why Sell Paparazzi Jewelry? 

Paparazzi Jewelry is a smart choice in starting your own business. By joining Paparazzi Accessories you become an independent consultant which means you are your OWN BOSS! You get to set your own hours and decide how much or little you want to work. Of course, with most things, the more effort and time you put into something the greater the reward!

Reasons why I love Selling Paparazzi Jewelry!

  1. I get a lot of cute jewelry for myself! Which actually helps my sales. I wear the jewelry everywhere I go and people always ask me where I got the cute necklace or bracelet. This just opens up the opportunity to sell them jewelry and also recruit them as a consultant.
  2. I do parties selling jewelry! I get paid to “party” and get to meet many wonderful ladies in the process.
  3. I make extra money to help cover expenses and add to our family “fun” fund!
  4. I’m building a downline that I earn commission on and continue to grow which is a great residual income in addition to my own sales!
  5. Less restrictions then most any other direct market sales business. I can sell on my own site, store, facebook, and more. By allowing more places to sell, it allows the consultants more opportunities to make money and grow the business.
  6. Paparazzi Accessories is still a really new company so there is sooo much room to grow your team and build a successful company.
  7. Price! $5 for Jewelry is just amazing especially since the Jewelry is such great quality. Because of the price, most everyone at a Paparazzi Party will buy something and most likely come back for more!

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Debbie Parkin

Paparazzi Independent Consultant #11156



Still need more information?  You can email me any questions debbie@debsjewelryshop.com or you can read more here 



Debbie Parkin