Welcome to my Paparazzi Team!

Welcome to our team!  So happy to have you!  We want to make sure you get off to a successful start so we have put a training together and if you complete it you will get 20 FREE pieces of jewelry from us!


To start, send Ty (my husband) a friend request on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ty.parkin

Yes, the video said to friend request me (Debbie), but ignore that ;)  Ty is the one handling the Facebook stuff so send him the request :)


Also, send me a private message right after and say the following:

"Hey Ty, I'm (your name). I just joined Paparazzi below you. Consultant # (your consultant #) and would love to start the training and earn 20 free pieces!"


Please make sure to send me the private message! This helps me know to accept your friend request as I get a lot!


I'll reply back with a link to the next steps! I'll also add you to a bunch of Facebook Paparazzi Groups that are full of help, ideas, and a great place to ask questions.