Pick Paparazzi


Debbie Parkin - Jetsetter

Independent Cons #11156

Proud Member of the

Paparazzi Elite & Crown Club 150 

(1st & only one in the company!)




Each Paparazzi Consultant receives a FREE website that allows customers to shop and order! All orders placed through your replicated website will be shipped by Paparazzi straight to the customer! And YOU get all the credit! You can view my Paparazzi Replicated Website by clicking HERE!


Paparazzi has three options for enrolling. These are called Starter Kits and they come with everything you need to get off to a rockin’ start! They come at $499, $299, and $99! I suggest enrolling with the largest Starter Kit that you can. You get more value and a lot more inventory! You can find out more about these Starter Kits on my website by clicking HERE!


1 - You earn 45% commission on every piece of jewelry you sell.

(That is $2.25 per piece sold!)

2 - When you build your own team, you earn between

5 to 10% commissions from those below you.



The jewelry and accessories PRACTICALLY SELL THEMSELVES! Woman WANT your product! There is no sales pitch! All you have to do is get your product in front of people!



Paparazzi Accessories does NOT have strict and tight rules of where and how you can sell your inventory like other DS companies may have.

This is one of the main reasons I LOVE this company!

Ways that you can sell are: 

- Consultant Website - Home Parties - Basket Parties - Work/Office Parties

- Fundraisers - Retail Stores - Events - Expos - Facebook Parties ...and MORE!!!!