Paparazzi Jewelry Display Ideas


After you sign up with your Paparazzi Accessories Starter Kit, you will want to think of how you will be displaying all your Paparazzi Jewelry goodies at your parties and events! A lot of consultants make their own displays and there are many useful tools out on the web. On this page are the ways that I display my inventory. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to email me!

 Here is a video going over some of the different options

of displays Paparazzi Consultants have. 




My hubby made these for me. I decided after this one that the Hot Hot Pink was waaaayyy too Hot!

So I painted the rest of the displays gray. The black looks great on the Pink though! 

The secret to keeping everything from falling off is to tie rubber bands on the back of each hook.

And when you fold the display, place some foam in between the sides (the pink foam that comes with your Paparazzi order is perfect!)

and this keeps the necklaces from tangling up.



I made some tutorial videos on how to make these!

 Getting the Supplies

Putting it Together 

This is my favorite display! And it is quite easy too. You just need some supplies!




Stainless Steel "S" Hooks sized .141" x 1.5"          

Velcro One-Wrap Straps - 1/4" size

Pink Zebra Duct Tape or other decorative Tape (*optional)

Adjustable 2-Rod Garment Rack (Available on Amazon

4 sheets of Pegboard cut to 24" x 32"  (*you can get 6 equal sized boards if you cut a 4'x6' board into this size)

Spray Paint (I think gray is the best color for the boards. It brings out the colors of the jewelry best.)

I got most of my supplies at Home Depot.


1 - Spray paint the peg boards and allow to dry. When it is dry, line the pegboard in the decorative duct tape. I covered one hole in each direction. It helped me be able to keep it straight too.

2 - Assemble the garment rack following the instructions that it comes with.

  It should look like this! Now push the top bar down into the lowest position.

3 - Get out the Velcro strips. I had never seen these before. Here is a picture illustrating what you do with it!


See how it wraps through itself? Kind of neat!

Put a strip through a top hole of the pegboard. I put it through the second hole in on each side. If you have the duct tape on you will have to punch through the tape to go through the hole.


Secure the Velcro strip around the TOP bar of the garment rack. Do this to both sides.


            It should look like this:                       Then push the bar all the way to the TOP position.




4 - Put the "S" hooks on the bottom of the boards. I put them in the second hole on. Make sure that the bottom of the "S" is towards the front as pictured below.



5 - Get the bottom board and hook it through the "S" hook. It should hang freely. Repeat on the other side.

And ....Voila! A beautiful, professional-looking, display for your jewelry!


The Display in Action!

To travel, wrap boards in foam sheets (the pink foam that comes with your Paparazzi orders!) and secure with bungee cords.

Take off the garment rack and lay boards flat. Push down the top bar and it's easy to transport and load up in the car!