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My Paparazzi Jewelry Story

"A $5 piece of jewelry will not change the world, BUT the women wearing it will!"

You may think that because of the low cost of Paparazzi Jewelry that the quality and style will not live up to all the hype. Well....YOU'RE WRONG!!! Paparazzi Jewelry reviews show that the jewelry is unlike any other jewelry out there. It has all the fashion and quality as any expensive jewelry. It might also be better quality than those boutiques at the Malls with their "cheap" jewelry (Claire's). If you have never experienced Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry then you are missing out! Once you are introduced to it you will NEVER pay for those overly priced jewelry ever again!

I hadn't been to a Paparazzi party before I signed up. So when my Starter Kit came I didn't know what to expect. I was BLOWN AWAY ! Every piece is of high quality and standard. I seriously wanted to keep all the jewelry! It was just so dang cute! (Well, I did keep a few pieces!) The materials that they are made of are of good quality. The jewelry has seashells, pearls, jewels, and more! All the jewelry is made of steel and aluminum. And also, Paparazzi Jewelry is Nickel and Lead FREE!* *within federal guideline limits

People love Paparazzi Accessories! At every one of my parties I have people continually ask, "Everything is only $5??!! EVERYTHING??!!" I feel happy to tell them, "Yes! Yes! EVERYTHING IS $5!!!" The look on their face is sheer excitement and disbelief! I love seeing that!

When you become a Paparazzi Independent Consultant, you will receive a free Paparazzi website the moment you enroll! Because there are no Paparazzi Catalogs, this free website is a great way to show guests and customers a sampling of the product. This website also allows customers to buy Paparazzi jewelry online.

If you would like more information on Paparazzi Accessories please feel free to contact me! I am more then happy to answer any questions you might have about the jewelry and/or if you want to become a Paparazzi Consultant yourself!

Debbie Parkin
Independent Consultant

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