Paparazzi Hostess Rewards



The hostess does the majority of the work, if you think about it! They need to think of people to invite, pass out the invitations, clean her house (THAT is A LOT of work! at least for me!), and provide yummy treats. So it is only fair that you, as a Paparazzi Consultant, reward them for doing all that work! If you reward them nicely, they will more than likely to host more parties, be a repeat customer, and maybe even refer their friends to you.

For Home Parties, Paparazzi Accessories Company doesn’t really give hostess rewards directly. The hostess rewards come from the consultant. So the consultant can give their own rewards. When you order from Paparazzi, for every 10 pieces you order they will give you 1 piece free. That works out to 10% free jewelry. You can then turn around and give that same deal to your hostess’s. In your order from Paparazzi you should find a bag that says “hostess rewards” on it. These items may be discontinued or current items. I add these items to my stock and am usually able to sell them.

As I mentioned before, Paparazzi gives its consultants 1 piece free out of every 10 ordered. You can decide what kind of reward you want to give, but it should be at least equal to 10% of your cost and 10% of what you sell at the party.

For example:

You could give 1 piece for hosting the party and 10% for every $100 sold. So for a $250 party, the hostess would get to choose 5 items for what was sold and would get 2 items for hosting. That’s 7 total items. The cost for me would be about $20 and I earned $105. Not to shabby for 3 hours of work! And the hostess feels like she got a great deal!

Some other ideas:

-      1 item for hosting.

-      1 piece for every 10 paying customers.

-      1 item for every $100 sold.

-      1 item for booking a party.

-      1 item for every 20 people who come to the party.

If you do a party at your own home, you could do a “Mystery Hostess” drawing. Whomever’s name is drawn gets the hostess rewards! You can advertise this on your invitations and it might get more people to show up! But in order to enter the drawing they need to purchase something!

You can also offer 2 pieces if they refer someone to me and they sign up as a consultant under me.

As you can see there are many options on how to reward your hostess! Make sure you have your Hostess Reward system on a sign at the party so that people can see how much FREE stuff they can get for hosting!