Paparazzi Facebook Parties

Facebook Parties

When you are a Paparazzi Consultant you want to make sure you take full advantage of social media outlets. Facebook is probably the most popular social media source. You can host / throw a Paparazzi party right from your very couch! There is no need to clean the house or bake gourmet desserts! You simply Facebook all your friends and let them know of your party and sit back and sell! For a more detailed look at Facebook Parties, CLICK HERE!

Facebook Party Basics:

1 - Take pictures of your inventory

I find it is best to use the stock photos that are available in the Paparazzi Consultant's back office. Simply save the images of the items you have in your inventory to sell onto your computer. I suggest having a folder names "FB Papa Party" or something easy to find. If there aren't pictures of your items in the back office you can take your own. Try to have good lighting and preferably on a jewelry holder like a velvet bust or bracelet bar. It is harder to sell jewelry with only pictures to go by so you want to make the pieces look as fabulous and attractive as possible.


2 - Create an "Event" Page

You will need tocreate the page no more then a week in advance and no less the 2 days in advance. This allows adequate time to invite all your friends to your party. Decide what time you want your event to take place. You can either have a set block of time (example: 6pm - 9pm) or have it run for a few days and people can shop when they can.


3 - Event/Party Time!

About 30 mins before the event, post a reminder on all your pages with the instructions of the event:


- The first one to comment want gets the product. Let them know they must COMMENT on the product not just like it.


- Offer a special post during the course of the event that says FREE DOOR PRIZE.


This post will only be up for 5 minutes then it will be deleted. If you see the post please comment me to get in on the door prize drawing (If you do this special drawing then you will likely get more attendance for the online event). Don't forget to write down the names of the ones who commented on the special post to get the free door prize before you delete the post. Post this at anytime you want but I would wait at least until you have posted several pictures. You can pick the door prize or let them pick from the inventory. Also let them know what forms of payments you currently accept.


- Once the party gets started and if you have a hostess, thank them for allowing you to do this party in their honor on the event page. Let everyone know that she is trying to earn some free accessories for hosting the party. Let them know they can also host a party and earn free accessories and to stay tuned in to find out just how.


- Next start posting your photos. I will post a description such as red necklace short or long style, or Red ring adjustable or stretchy band and attach the photo. Wait about 3 minutes and post another one. Once someone posts that they want something, write their name by a number on your number sheet. Pull that piece out and write their number on a sticker and place it on the back of the tag. Then delete the photo. Continue doing this throughout the course of your event.


- You can also post small clusters of photos toward the end of you event. I post a description such as rings all adjustable and post up to 4 pics for that description.


- Throughout the event post comments such as "Do you need extra money? Contact me about becoming a consultant." Or "Do you want free accessories?" etc. This is a great way to advertise the Paparazzi opportunity and get future parties booked!


4 - Event/Party is Over

Once the event is over, let everyone know that the event will be open until (date) and they can continue shopping or message with any questions. Thank the hostess again. Message the customers who bought and set up a time to meet so they can get their goodies. Make sure you take along a basket of inventory when you meet them, they will most likely want to see things in person. Keep checking the event page everyday until its over to get what sales came in after it was over.


Online Parties may not be for everyone, but this is a way to keep having those parties when you have nothing on the books. It will also be a chance for you to reach friends of others you may not have been in contact with before. It does take a lot of work, but its up to you to decide if you really want this.