Paparazzi Bling Boss Award

Earnings based on monthly commissions generated from Jan - Dec each year. Only commissions generated via the Paparazzi Comp Plan will be included in the BLING Boss qualifications. This include the Business Building Bonus, Unilevel Bonus, Generational Bonus, Legacy Bonus, Infinity Bonus, and Cash Bonus, as well as Retail Profit generated from the online retail sales via a Consultants replicated website. Commissions earned via cash-and-carry transactions will not be included in the BLING Boss qualifications.

BLING Boss recipients will be recognized publicly in the month in which they reach $100,000 or $1,000,000 in commissions with trophies being sent to each recipient upon commission payout. For example, if a consultant reaches $100,000 in cumulative yearly earning in after the commissions have been finalized for the month of June (around the 10th of July), they will be recognized at the time of commission payout for June, which will take place on/around the 20th of July.