Paparazzi Accessories Quality

The Quality of Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry




The major question I get about Paparazzi Accessories is about the QUALITY! "It's $5... what kind of quality could it's probably cheap feeling and falls a doesn't last....", That is what I hear a lot. And I tell people they couldn't be further from the truth!!! When I talk to people who have this point of view I get really excited. I know that when they get their hands on pieces of jewelry they are going to fall in love with Paparazzi Accessories! I hadn't really been around Paparazzi Jewelry when I first signed up as a Consultant. When I opened my Paparazzi Starter Kit I was stunned! Every piece was so beautiful and of high quality. I know people who feel Paparazzi Accessories for the first time will have those same feelings I did!


So, what is Paparazzi Jewelry comparable to? I think that Paparazzi is in a category of it's own because there is no where else that offers exceptional products for a low price. But if I HAD to compare it  to something I would liken it to jewelry found at the jewelry stores at the mall,  like Claire's Boutique. Most of the items that Paparazzi sells though is of far higher standards. At Claire's you are paying twice, sometimes even triple, the price of what Paparazzi Jewelry sells for. For those women who love jewelry and like to switch it up every now and then it gets expensive at the mall or even box stores. Paparazzi is only $5! You can afford to get several different items for the same price as a single item at the stores.


All Paparazzi items are nickel and lead free. I have a friend who is really allergic to jewelry, she can't even wear her wedding ring! BUT, she can wear Paparazzi with no problems at all! The picture above is the Gunmetal Cuff with Interwoven Lines is made of great materials. It is one of the more popular items of Paparazzi. It is solid yet you can still adjust it to fit your wrist. And it's only $5!


The necklaces above are beautiful and popular as well. The first one, the Chunky Blue Glaze necklace, is quite heavy. The faux stones are beautiful. They are smooth and have a beautiful shine to them. The middle necklace, the Cascading Brass Flowers, is really interesting. It covers the whole chest, almost like a bib, when worn. Paparazzi Accessories offers these big necklaces and well as shorter and simpler ones, like the third picture. The brass necklace is also heavy feeling. It is not the "cheap" feel at all. So with Paparazzi Jewelry, you get an assortment. You can get big and extravagant pieces or you can get shorter, simpler pieces. All for only $5!


Please know that Paparazzi Jewelry will not last forever, just like jewelry found at the mall. The more you wear it, sweat in it, get it wet, the quicker it will turn. I know some people who have had a certain Paparazzi bracelet that they wear all the time. The bracelet is starting to get a few spots but they still wear them. It looks fine. Also, people's own body chemistry can affect the jewelry. If someone has oily skin that could make the jewelry turn quicker.


There are times where the chain of a necklace comes unhooked from the rest of the necklace. Paparazzi offers a repair kit that come with a pair of pliers. You simply reconnect the links on the chain and it's good to go! If someone brings a broken piece up to me at a party I like to fix it in front of them so they can see how easy it is to repair.


I hope I have explained the quality of Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry well enough for you! I don't try to hide anything about the jewelry. I am very upfront about it. If you have any further questions about the quality of the pieces, feel free to email me. I will be happy to go over things with you!

Debbie Parkin

Independent Consultant # 11156