Paparazzi Accessories Basket Parties Ideas

 Using creativity, you can use just about anything for your Paparazzi Basket Party!

Here are some ideas on how to organize your Paparazzi Basket Party!


Different Options

Creating a Basket Party does not have to cost a lot of $$$!

Here are some great and cheap ways to make your Basket!


Shower Curtain Rings - $1 from the $1 Store

Binder Rings - about $3 from Target


Necklace Holder

Oatmeal Container

Twirl a Tie 


Hang one necklace from each hook. 


I recommend taking the necklaces out of their plastic sleeves.


Twirl a Tie fits perfectly into the Oatmeal Container. 



Bracelet and Earring Holder

Binder or Shower Curtain Rings


 Using Binder Rings or Shower Curtain Rings, place bracelet or earrings onto ring.

You can store these in a decorative container.










There are several great ways to store rings!



I found this organizer at the Craft Store for under $2.



Use a decorative small cup to

store rings in.