Paparazzi Accesories Categories

Paparazzi Accessories Categories

Have you noticed that Paparazzi has several different categories?

I will go over each one and give an example.



These pieces tend to be more intricate and more popular. Paparazzi Blockbusters comes in necklaces, earring, headbands, hair clips, rings and bracelets. When a Paparazzi Consultant is ordering Blockbuster items, they come in a pack of 5 of the same thing. Here are some example of the "Blockbusters".






This line is geared toward younger girls, ages 10 and below. These items are great for little girls who want to "dress up" or are Fashionistas themselves! Starlet Shimmers are offered in earrings, bracelets, rings, stretchy headbands (great for babies!), and hair clips. These pieces sell for cheaper then the regular items, with the exclusion of the hair clips. They usually sell for around $2.50. The hair clips are still at the $5. A great tip is to clip one of the Starlet Shimmer Clips on a stretchy headband. It adds a pretty flower to a plain headband and can be changed out to match different outfits!




Paparazzi's Uniquely Urban line is fairly new. It is more rugged and some items could even be for men! The pieces are usually made out of a leather-kind of material. They come is necklaces and bracelets.






Paparazzi Hair Clips are not just for your hair! Each clip has a clip for your hair but it also features a safety pin. With this you can pin it onto your shirt or your purse. You can clip onto a belt or anywhere! It adds that bit of "flare" to any outfit! And hair clips are not just for little girls! I clip one in my hair right above my ponytail or bun and it looks like I actually cared about my hair that day!






Each Paparazzi Headband comes with a comfy and smooth head piece. They are usually black but there are some white and other colored hair bands. The headbands offer a little bit of style to hair. As with the clips, headbands can be worn on women of all ages! (Paparazzi discontinued making headbands several years ago).





Paparazzi Earrings are all very unique and very stylish. They are all offered with a "fish hook" style. There are a few clip-on earrings available also. Paparazzi offers different variations of earrings. Some are long, some are short. Some are big and dangly, some are dainty and petite. There is also some feather earrings available. These are very popular these days! Very unique!







Paparazzi Bracelets are offered in three styles. Stretchy band, clasp, and cuff. The stretchy bracelet is made on an elastic kind of band. It stretches around your hand and rests on you wrist. It is a great fit for all. The clasp bracelets close just like necklaces do, with a clasp. You can adjust these bracelets to what ever fit you would like. The cuff bracelet is very popular. These just push onto your wrist. You can leave it loose or you can gently squeeze the cuff around your wrist.


Stretchy                             Clasp                                Cuff




Paparazzi Necklaces are so individual. Each one has its own beauty. Some offer a clasp, a ribbon, and others just simply slip over your head. Some are extra long and others are short. Those necklaces that are short usually have a "S" pictured with it (seen on the first and third necklaces pictured). Ribbon necklaces are very popular. They offer the flexibility of being whatever length you want them to be. Some people even clip a hair clip in the ribbon portion! Most all Paparazzi Necklaces come with a pair of matching earrings! All for $5!






Paparazzi Rings are offered in two styles: adjustable or stretchy. The adjustable rings have a metal piece that can be squeeze or let out to fit around your finger. The stretchy rings have a band that stretches to fit your finger. Again, those with a "S" symbol are the stretchy rings!


If you have any additional questions about Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry, please email me!

Debbie Parkin

Independent Consultant # 11156