New Team Member

 What to do with a New Personally Sponsored Recruit

Being a Leader starts right off the bat whenever you recruit your own new team member. These consultants are excited and willing to learn and listen from you. NOW is the time to encourage them and teach them the Paparazzi basics.


Here is a list of things you should do with every Personally Sponsored Recruit:



1 - Welcome Call

- Welcome them to the team and to Paparazzi.

- Be excited along with them.

- Let them know that you are there for them whenever

   they are in need of help, have questions, or need support.

- Let them know you will be sending them information to

   read and go over. Tell them about Deb's training Emails

   that they will receive also. Suggest that they keep these informational    

   emails for future reference.

2 - Create a Welcome Letter

  - As a leader, you are expected to train your new recruits.It is important that after your Welcome Call that you email a follow-up. This email includes welcomeing them (again!) and maybe a thanks for choosing you as a Sponsor. You can see a SAMPLE Welcome Letter HERE!


3 - Become Facebook Friends

- This is key into being a great leader. Being FB friends you will be able

   to get to know them personally.

- Add them to all the Facebook groups that are available to them. For our team there are a bunch! Here are the links: 

Deb's Dazzling Divas -

Johnnie's Jewels -

Team Hadley -

Frank Divas -

- Teach them about the photos and files in each of these groups.

4 - Launch Party

- Help them plan their Launch Party! Pick a date and time. Help with invitiations. 

- Help them come up with at least 100 people to tell about Paparazzi and invite them to the Launch Party.

- For more info and help, please visit HERE!

5 - Challenge Them

- The first 30 days can make or break their business. It is a great idea to challenge them with some goals.

- The BEST challenge and BEST way to start their business off is to have them strive for DIRECTOR in their first 30 days.

- Encourage/Challenge them to bool 5 to 6 parties in their first TEN says!! Reward them with $20 or whatever you decide.


To sum it up...BE THERE for them!!! They are going to have a lot of quiestions and need guidance. They will turn to YOU for help! Make sure you are knowlegable in all firelds of Paparazzi!