- Let them know about our team website and help them create their account.  Instructions are at   They can see the daily new releases here, download product images, see team numbers, contact team members and even get customers from us with our NEW and EXCLUSIVE RAP feature!    


- Get them signed up with our Team Dazzling Divas app.  Info to enroll for the new release alert app is at  This is what will give you an "alert" when the new pieces hit the website.  They typically release Monday-Friday at 1pm mountain time.  3pm Eastern, 2pm Central and 12pm Pacific. 



- Let them know who their upline is. This is important because it is nice to know who they can go to for help if you are not available.  If you don't know who your upline is use our Upline view on our website here:


- Help them login to their back office and teach them how to use it.  Place orders, find the resources etc.


- In addition to Paparazzi's checklist below please make sure to friend your new team member on Facebook and get them added to our Team group   Make sure they answer they questions when they request to join, this helps us get them added to our group.