Michelle's April 2014 Contest

Ty's July Challenge


This month's "Deep Thought by Ty" is a CHALLENGE!!! We all love challenges because they make our business grow! Here is Ty's Challenge for July:

Make a post like this image to your Personal FB and your Paparazzi Page.**

Figure out how much money you made in particular month and find something creative that you could have used that money for. Make sure that others can relate to it!

Some examples: "This weeks groceries paid for by Paparazzi!"
Or "This months car payment paid for by Paparazzi!"
Please make sure its true!!!

The reason I issued this challenge is because not everyone can relate to making a lot of money from a work at home business, but being able to pay for the food, car or rent is a BIG DEAL and more attainable.

Once you have made your meme (instructions below), post it to your Personal Face Book page and/or your Face Book Paparazzi Business Page (the more places you post it, the more people will see it!). Another good idea is to post it during a Face Book Party!

Along with the meme, in the comments make sure to write something like,
"Want to learn how I paid for my groceries with Paparazzi? Message me!!!"

 Once you've made your post, please email with the subject being

"FB Contest"

to Debbie at:


We will select 1 person at random to win 10 pieces of Jewelry at the end of the month!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

**to make a meme like the one I made, click HERE! It's easy! Upload a photo and write what you want it to say and this site creates it for you!**

 This ends July 31st!!!