Leader Trainings



You have a Team of awesome and excited Consultants! I know all the hard work and time you have put into recruiting and answering their questions.




Do you see yourself as a TRUE leader??

It might take you a while to see yourself as a leader. Your team looks up to YOU! Sure, you guys have strong leaders in your upline, but YOUR team looks up to YOU! They should look to you for questions, ideas, and advice. Your upline is just in addition to your leadership, not take the place of you!


So...what now? What the heck is a leader suppose to do? Well, worry no more because we have created Leadership Training for you!


We will go over just about all great leaders need to know. There will also be a lot of advice to help your team grow and become stronger. We believe if you are serious about your Paparazzi business, you need to step up and take on the leader role. And when you do, you will for sure see a boost in your business.



What to do with a New Personally Sponsored Recruit