Launch Party

Host a Launch / Re-Launch Home Party

The most important step in building a successful Paparazzi business is by having/hosting a party! Each party, whether it's your first or 50th Launch party, lets you share your inventory with others, create friendships, generate retail profits, and even find future party hosts and even new team members. Everything that is needed to be successful with Paparazzi is all found within hosting a party. If you have gone out and tried other things then home parties, maybe it's time to come back to the basics of Paparazzi Accessories. Paparazzi is a home party business. Go back to the roots of the business.


Home Parties do not have to extravagant at all. And it need not be intimidating. Parties just need to be done! Try these simple steps to get your Paparazzi Home Parties rockin' again!


1 - Pick a Time and a Place

If you are having a Launch or re-Launch Party I suggest planning on having 2 parties. One for during the week (maybe during the day while kids are in school) and the other during the weekend. This allows the maximum amount of people able to come. If they can't come during the week because they work then they should be able to come on a weekend. The easiest place to have the party is your own home or even your front yard. You will have the time to set up your displays and make everything look just right!


2 - Invite!

After your date is set, begin inviting! As you journey through Paparazzi you may find that there are better ways to invite then others. You will perfect this as you go. The first step is to compile a list. You want to invite as many people as you can! Probably about 20% of those invited actually show up. So it's important to get the word out so that you can have as many to attend as possible. Even if you think they wouldn't be interested or come to the party, invite them anyways! You never know!

Once you have identified who to invite decide how you are going to do the inviting. This could be phone calls, Face Book, door to door invites, face to face invite, etc. This invitation should not cost a lot of money. Make sure on the invite that you have "EVERYTHING IS $5!!!" somewhere. This makes it so people will think, "Hey, that's not expensive! I can actually afford to buy myself something!". A lot of people get turned off if they think it's an expensive jewelry party.

Here are some other tips:

- Wear the jewelry when you go out and tell people about the party. Then you can show them some of the pieces that you're wearing and get them all excited!

- Customize some formal paper invitations with the Independent Consultant logo and mail them the old fashioned way!

- Make small flyers and post them on any community boards.

- Use your Face Book, Twitter, etc. to invite all to your party. And also use these to remind them as the party date gets closer.

- Use your email address book to email invites out.

Click here are some samples of Invitations.


3 - Inventory

Having too little inventory is detrimental to how well your party goes. A minimum for a small home party is 100 pieces of inventory. This is the absolute smallest amount of pieces you want to offer to your customers. Paparazzi has found that the more inventory a Consultant carries, the more they sell. This is simply because when you have a large selection and variety, customers will find more that they like and purchase more. Having too small of inventory really limits your customers on what interestes them - therefore they buy less! Be mindful of how many people and events you have coming up and make sure you have enough inventory to offer a great selection. If you are having 3 parties in one week, you will want to think ahead to those future parties and make sure you have enough inventory for each of those parties.

Paparazzi's Best Sellers

4 - Hosting the Party

Hosting a party should be FUN! It should be fun for you and for you guests. Everything should be kept really low-key, low pressure, comfortable environment. It should be so fun that the guests will feel comfortable and excited even to attend the next party! Have a couple of Paparazzi yard signs with balloon tied to them in your front yard. You want people to easily be able to see where the fun is at! And some people driving by might even stop by to see what is going on! Score!

 You might want to offer some light snacks out on a table. My first party, I went all out! I got donuts, éclairs, brownies, etc. I found that no one really ate any of those. They were all too busy looking at all the jewelry to be bothered to eat! SO I had to eat all those things myself after the party!!!  ;)  I learned from experience to offer just bowls of M&M's or Skittles, etc. I also have little baggies close by that they can take some home with them if they would like. This is also great if they brought their kids. They get distracted filling up their candy bags while the mom can shop in peace! So don't go all out on snacks!

Have your displays out in a way that your guests can easily see everything and be able to move around with ease. Help them through the process by suggesting a few pieces and giving them ideas. Be casual and fun but BE YOURSELF! You don't have to pretend to be someone else to find success with Paparazzi. The more the guests feel welcomed, the longer they will stay, the more they will look at the jewelry and find pieces that excite them, and therefore the more they will buy!

While your guests are buying their goodies from you, I suggest you have some tissue paper to be able to wrap each item. This prevents tangling PLUS it gives you time to talk! During this time ask the customer when they would like to have a party of their own! Offer them a free piece right then and there if they agree to a date. And right it on a big ol' nice calandar! This part is KEY! This is how you book future parties. IF YOU DON'T ASK, IT WON'T HAPPEN! I don't want you to be overly pushy. Just be a bit forward. It took me a while to get comfy enough to be able to do this! But, as the old adage says, FAKE IT 'TIL YOU MAKE IT!!!


5 - Learn and REPEAT!

When the event is done, look back onit. Was it successful? What worked? What didn't? What can be improved? Write down what you will do differently next time. Repeat the whole party process again. If everything worked and ran smoothly, simply repeat! Repetition is key for success. If something is working for you then why change it?!



- displays

- inventory

- business cards or contact info with your Consultant ID# on it

- guest sign in sheet (collect their info for future parties!0

- hostess sign up sheet

-bags for bought items

- calculator


- cash box or cash apron

- appropriate change

- repair kit

- brochures and literature for potential future consultants!

- enrollment forms or laptop to use to enroll