How to Upload Pictures to your Facebook Party

This video shows how to upload your Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry photos onto your Event.

When you upload each photo, make sure to include a description of the piece and the price. You can be as descriptive as you want. For example; "Red Necklace with Matching Earrings. $5" or "This lovely short Necklace features a string of red pearls and includes matching earrings. Price: $5" You want to mention with most necklaces that matching earrings are included to up the "good deal" the guests are getting.

Remember that Paparazzi Face Book Parties are just like Paparazzi Home Parties in that the more inventory you have, the more you will sell! So try to put up as many pieces as you can! Around 200 or more is ideal. But you don't have to do that much if you can't / don't want to!!

To keep things fun and interesting, play games, post fun pictures, etc. intermittently during the party. This gets people involved and interacting. You can have fun little contests and give away a piece of free jewelry to the winner with their purchase!

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