How to Build Your Paparazzi Accessories Inventory

How to Succeed with Paparazzi Accessories

With Paparazzi Accessories, it is has been proven that the more inventory you have, the more selection you offer, the more people will buy, and the more you will sell! I don't want this to sound like you HAVE to invest your entire life savings to start a Paparazzi Accessories business! I don't suggest that at all! You need to invest what is comfortable for you. The old business adage of "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back" can be misinterpreted by those just starting out in business. Some don't understand that in order to be successful you need to take steps back.


In the Paparazzi Jewelry business here is what this adage means:


Steps Forward = Sales

Steps Back = Buying your Inventory


Some consultants don't want to take the necessary "steps back" in order to really grow their business. When you first start with Paparazzi Accessories you will, at first, need to have growing your inventory on the top of your goal list. I suggest to have a minimum of 300 to 500 pieces of jewelry for home parties. This allows you to have variety and selection. Having too little of inventory can actually hurt your sales. People will come and if there isn't anything to peak their interests they won't buy which means they probabaly won't want to host their own Paparazzi Party. Everyone LOVES to see the money coming in but hesitate to see some money go - even if it means they are GROWING their inventory which would result in GROWTH!  If that happens you will probably feel discouraged and be more likely to quit before you even really started. I don't want that to happen to you!!!

So, how do you build up your inventory without going in the hole so deep you can't get out? Any successful business will take more steps FORWARD then they will backward but they STILL MUST TAKE THOSE BACKWARD STEPS! This is considered "reinvesting" and it is an important step in attaining your financial goals. Here is a quick example on how to grow your Paparazzi Jewelry Inventory:

Sign up with a $299 Starter Kit. This will get you 120 pieces. Take all the money from selling just 25 pieces that you make ($125). With that money, reinvest in your inventory by purchasing 50 new pieces. This will increase your inventory and your selection! Once you see how fast these pieces sell you will realize that this is not a big investment!

Or you can sell all 120 pieces and reinvest ALL you made and buy 200 pieces! So you just added 100 pieces to your inventory! You are on your way to having awesome parties and awesome sales with your wide selection! You will eventually get to the point where you just have to reinvest when you run low on a color or need more Blockbusters, etc.

And what's even better about this example is it only shows one side of the Paparazzi Accessories business! If you start building your own team by adding new Paparazzi Consultants you will have additional income from the Paparazzi Accessories Compensation Plan! It's awesome! If you would like to learn more about how to succeed with Paparazzi Jewelry, please contact me! I know what it takes! I have grown so fast in this business and I want to share with those on my team how to do the same!

Debbie Parkin

Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant #11156