Here's What You Get in the $99 Paparazzi Starter Kit

What do you get as an Independent Paparazzi Consultant?

Paparazzi Accessories is giving its Consultants everything they need to find SUCCESS and make MONEY!

In addition to what the STARTER KITS provide, you will also receive:


Paparazzi is offering all of its Independent Consultants a FREE WEBSITE! This website will provide a way for customers to view all of Paparazzi's inventory and buy it DIRECTLY from Paparazzi! The customer's order will then ship DIRECTLY from Paparazzi to them for a flat $5.95 USPS shipping rate!

If their order is over $100, the order will ship for FREE!

When you become a Paparazzi Consultant, you will be assigned an ID#. Once enrollment is complete you can access your FREE WEBSITE by going to id#. Your website will work instantly and you can have customers placing orders on it right away!

You can see what my FREE website looks like:

You will receive credit for all orders that go through your site!

You will receive a commission check each 20th of the month. This check will include your online sales. You will get $2.25 commissions on each piece sold! You will also receive 2 PV's (Personal Value) on each piece.


Not only can you sell Paparazzi through Home Parties, Events, Yard Sales, Facebook Parties, etc., you will now be able to HAVE A PARTY on your FREE WEBSITE! With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create a party for your Hostess where friends and family from all across the country can attend and purchase! Your hostess will still get Hostess Rewards from the sales of her party. Hostess Rewards are 10% of Retail Sales of the Party!

This is NOT to replace Home Parties! This is an added "Accessory" to maximize your Party and Event sales!


Now it's easier than ever to set up stylish displays at parties and even pre-sell some pieces! Introducing the Paparazzi Fashion Fix! The Fashion Fix is a monthly shipment of 25 new accessories. These accessories have not been released before! Inside a sleek, black box, you will find *5 coordinated Trend Blends (4 pieces each) along with 5 individual Stylist Picks that you can't get anywhere else other than the monthly Fashion Fix!

You will receive your Fashion Fix before the end of each month. The pieces you find inside will be available for ordering starting the 1st of the following month (except the 5 Stylist Picks). This gives you, as a Consultant, a head start on pre-selling the newest accessories!

There are limited spaces available for the Fashion Fix subscription and they fill up fast! If you want to enroll and all the spaces are full, you will be put on a waiting list for the next month's Fashion Fix. If a spot opens up, Paparazzi will contact you! For more info about the FASHION FIX, click HERE!

*What's a Trend Blend? It is a pre-bundled pack containing 4 pieces that achieve a perfect look. These photos above are Trend Blend packs!