Setting up at an event or expo is a great way to move inventory, make your business known to your local community, and potentially book future parties. Events can be a lot of work and even stressful at times. So please take that into consideration before signing up for one!

1 - Indentify a Potential Event

If there is a large expo center near you, contact them and ask when their women's expo or other events are. You can also be on the look out for the County Fair, State Fair, City celebrations, Holiday events, wedding shows, school functions, church events,  etc. Look for ones that are geared toward a female crowd. But don't discount ones that aren't way feminine. There have been consultants who have sold at gun shows and even cage fights!!!


2 - Contact the Show Director

After you find an event you are interested in, contact the Show Director. This is who is in charge of the show or event. When you contact them, ask them questions about that particular show. You will want to know how large the show is, how many people have attended in the past, how many are estimated to attend that show, how long has that particular show been put on, the cost of attending, parking fees, the show times and days, etc.

If you feel it's a good choice to move forward you need to find out if there are any other Paparazzi Consultants already signed up for it. Paparazzi policy is that only ONE Paparazzi Accessories booth per show. There is a document for the Show Director that they will have to comply with if you move forward. If they inform you there already is a Paparazzi booth then you will need to move on and find a new event. If they inform you there is NOT a Paparazzi booth yet, then register under the name "Paparazzi". Make sure you explain that only one Paparazzi booth can be at that show and that your interested and request more info about pricing for rental space.


3 - Is the Show Profitable?

All shows are not alike. Each show will have different attendance and different pricing on booth and space rentals. The more popular the even is the more you are probably going to pay to set up there. So please keep in mind the costs of doing an event and see if it really is worth it. Remember that shows are not only for retail profits but it is also informing your city that you sell beautiful jewelry for $5! It is also a fantastic way to set up future parties and seek out new team members. Take that into consideration as well.


4 - Evaluate your Ability to do the Show

Do you have the necessary inventory, displays, business cards, signage, etc to have a successful show? In order to sell well at a large show you need more inventory then you expect to sell. The selection you offer will determine for a lot of customers how many items they purchase. Don't have a small selection minimize your potential! If you are putting this much time and effort into a show you want to make sure you maximize it! You should offer two to three times the inventory you expect to sell in stock. For example, if you have 500 customers each buying one piece, then you would need at least 1,000 pieces. Paparazzi recommends for shows with 10,000 attendees or more to have a minimum of 1,000 pieces of inventory to fill a spot at a show.


5 - Reserve Your Spot!!!

After you have done all your analysis and have decided to rent a booth, contact the Show Director! This is a great time to remind them about only one Paparazzi booth is allowed at the show. And confirm, again, that you are the only one that has signed up. When signing and returning the shows paper work, make sure you have the Show Director sign a document stating Paparazzi's policies, etc.



Make sure you arrive early enough to be able to set up without being rushed. Make sure you are set and ready when those doors open! Know what hours the show runs and how many people are expected to attend. Maintain your energy during the day! Try not to take too many breaks, especially during the busy times. Try not to have a chair in the booth. If you don't have a place to sit this will force you to mingle with the customers. If you sit down you will look disinterested and wiped out! Be bubbly and just let the love of Paparazzi ooze from your smiling face!!!


Large Show Checklist