Empower Me Pink 2017




What is Empower Me Pink (EMP)?

EMP is when a group of about 5 Corporate staff members (usually a few Founders) tour the country in a two week time period offering a 3 hour training in 10 or so different states. I liken it to a mini convention!


This page goes over the training that was given during the 2017 EMP Tour. These are taken from my poorly written notes! I hope it all makes sense! :)




S - synergy

O - own your backyard

A - accessorize

R - resources




Synergy is when two or more things or people come together to achieve more.  

Each team member has something to offer. Whether you're the top leader in the team or just a newly enrolled consultant, everyone has something to offer to help everyone else on the team.

Geese fly in a "V" shape. The one in front is doing most of the work. The other geese "honk" to help and encourage the head goose. When the head goose is tired, they let another goose take the lead. Each goose takes a turn leading and helping the other geese.




What is your "backyard"? Your backyard is where ever you build your business. Online, your town, events, etc. Just because you are growing and working hard in one "backyard" doesn't mean you can't work other "backyard" areas! Don't miss out!


How to work your Backyard:


 - TALK TO EVERYONE -  Just share and invite! The rest is up to the person you talked to! Don't pre-judge! You may think that because someone is wearing real diamond earrings that they wouldn't be interested in $5 jewelry. Don't make that decision for them! Invite them and let them make that decision as to if they're interested or not! You never know!


- GO FOR THE NO - Try to get thirty "No's" in a week! It's actually a lot harder than you think! Most people will say "Oh, I'll think about it!" but that is not a "No!". Talk to so many people that you actually hear the word NO thirty times a week!


- FACEBOOK LIVE - FB live is essential to your business! It is the latest popular way to sell the jewelry. WHY? Because it shows YOU! It shows YOUR excitement and love for the product! People want to know YOU! It also showcases the jewelry a lot better than just pictures alone. The teams that are hosting and doing FB Live parties have the highest rate of growth in the company!


Ideas for great parties:


The Hostess - You and the hostess are a team! Get her excited to earn free jewelry! Have her pre-select her pieces so she know how many she needs to sell in order to get them all for free. This will encourage her to invite more people! And her excitement for the product will transfer onto the guests!


The Customers - They get their excitement and energy from the hostess! When they arrive to the party they get that same energy from you!


Inventory - The more you have the more you sell, that is a proven fact! You also want the displays to make the jewelry look fabulous, not cheap! For display ideas, click here!





I think Paparazzi and you, as a consultant, have this topic covered!


Trent Kirby (one of the Founders) told a story about the most recent Paparazzi Passport trip to the Dominican Republic. RIght off the resort was some of the most spectacular snorkeling. Trent wanted everyone to have the opportunity to take advantage of this beautiful location so the company gave everyone who attended a snorkeling set and a life vest. So everyone had the same resource available to them to go see the fishes, star fish, sand dollars, etc. Some took this resource and dove right in and saw the beautiful under water world. Others they were afraid of the water! They didn't utilize the resource/snorkel set. They wanted to be able to go swim and see the fish but their FEAR held them back. And they missed out on a great experience.











People feed off of your excitement! Make sure you show your love and that "Paparazzi Ooze" during your live feed! 





- Background: neat, clean, and inviting. Messiness is often distracting.


- Lighting


- Volume: talk loudly! You want to be heard!


- Camera: good angle, maybe get a tri-pod


- Stuff happens! Play off of it!


- Have jewelry already out of the packaging!


- Take the time to look at your set up. Make sure it looks good!


- Personal Appearance: "Family Picture Ready" is what they suggest. When you look put together you automatically become more confident and comfortable.





The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing! Figure out when the right time to talk about hosting a party, the opportunity, etc is during your party!