Complete this and get 10 Free Pieces from us!

Ty and I are so glad to have you part of our team!  We want you to start your business off right with an extra 10 FREE pieces from us!      

First send a friend request to Debbie here:  (This helps Debbie get you added to the groups)


and a friend request to Ty Parkin   (I will be sending your next set of instructions)


YOU MUST FOLLOW UP WITH A PRIVATE MESSAGE!  Please send a Private message (on Facebook) to Ty Parkin that says:

Hey I just joined under you, my consultant # is (fill in your number). and say you are ready for the next step to earn your FREE pieces from us!  Don't worry the next couple steps are really simple :)


Ty will reply with your 3 steps to complete to earn your 10 FREE pieces!


Welcome to the team!!!