Can I sell Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry for less then $5?

No - Paparazzi Accessories a can not be resold for less then the suggested retail price of $5. Paparazzi Jewelry is already at a very discounted rate of $5. This is already lower then most of the competitors. When one consultant lowers the price it often becomes a "pricing war" among all the other consultants which damages Paparazzi's brand. It's because of this that Paparazzi Accessories does not allow the selling of Paparazzi products on online classified ads, such as Craigslist, or online auction sites, such as eBay. Sites like these encourage low pricings.

It is also not allowed to advertise a promotion which de-values the pieces. For example: if an advertised promotion shows "5 for $20", it would mean that each piece was valued at $4. That's $1 below suggested retail pricing.

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