Be -You - tiful!

One of the BEST things about Paparazzi Accessories is that you can be who you really are! There is no need to pretend or to try to be like someone else! Paparazzi allows you to run your own business the way that is best FOR YOU!!! What may work for one consultant might not work for another. For instance, I do a lot of my business online. I LOVE creating a website that is both informative and user friendly. I want to offer those interested in the Paparazzi Opportunity answers to their many questions. I have even been told by other consultants that they often come to my website for help! I love that! I put a lot of work and heart into this site! In fact, I received this email form a fellow consultant who isn't a part of my team:


Because I’ve visited your website many times,I just wanted to email to tell you how impressed I am with your accomplishments . . . your website, your training information, etc.  I almost feel “guilty” because I’m constantly referring to your websitefor information and training material. Your material is very clear, concise and informative, and I can always find the answers to my questions.  Frankly, I’d like to think that you are somewhere in my up-line...

I’ve had a fairly slow start (for several reasons) but I’m trying to get in gear to really make this business fly.  Iwill continue to watch your growth and cheer you on because you are obviously doing an awesome job!  Thanks for the inspiration and excellent training material you provide.

Many blessings - name withheld"


Wow! I cried while reading this email! It meant SO much to me, I just had to share it! I LOVE helping other women be successful!


As I was saying, I do a lot of business online. But online might not be the best way for you. I am more then happy to help guide you through so that you can find out the best way YOU can work YOUR OWN Paparazzi business! You might really excel at doing Basket Parties and not so much at Home Parties. You might be a rock star at Events but lack booking Home Parties. You need to TRY different things in order to find your gold mine! I am more then happy to help you whichever way you do your business. If you want to try a website, I have some great hook ups to help you start a great site!

But, you can't just simply COPY and PASTE my site onto yours and think you will be successful. I put a lot of time and I put my personality into it! I want you to see who I am and my feelings for this phenomenal company! It wouldn't be fair to those looking at your site, nor to me, if someone just took my thoughts and feelings and placed it on their site. You need to shine! You need to show the world how much you love this company! sum it up....

Be -You - tiful!


For more information or questions, please email me!

Debbie Parkin