Apple iPad Mini Giveaway

 Win an Apple iPad Mini!

If our Dazzling Divas team reaches a total of 40,000 OV or above we will be holding a drawing where one luck Dazzling Diva will win an Apple iPad Mini worth over $300!!!


So here is how this is going to go down!

Every 100 PV = 1 entry

Every New Recruit with a Kit = 1 entry

Every Party / Event (Face Book, Home, Launch, etc) = 1 entry

You will need to send me a pic or screen shot of the party for it to count!
And while you're at it, send the pic in for the Zi Collection Runway Contest
and to Michelle Johnnie for her contest!!!

There is NO LIMIT as to how many entries you can receive!
Using I will select ONE WINNER from the drawing only if OUR
TEAM VOLUME HITS 40,000 in March!!!
Ends March 31st, 2014