Team Dazzling Divas App & Website!

Welcome to our New Piece App Alert Program.


Before signing up for this service please read all the information here to avoid any questions AND watch this video!!!


Debbie and I have spent thousands of dollars developing our APP alert program (available on Android and Apple) and website.  We spend hundreds of dollars monthly keeping it going.  We did this for the benefit of our team (you and your downline).

Because of this we ask you do NOT talk about this program with anyone other then your own team members.  If more teams start doing something like this the website gets more traffic, gets slower and more chances of the new items selling out before our team gets a chance to purchase them.



The website is 2 fold.   It allows you to sign up for daily APP alerts (must download the app)  (Monday-Friday) when new pieces are released from Paparazzi.  Paparazzi typically releases them at 1pm mountain time, 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central and Noon Pacific, but have been earlier and have been later.  When we notice new pieces our APP will send an alert to your phone through our EXCLUSIVE TeamDazzlingDivas App.  Please keep in mind there is a delay from when new are released and when our alert gets sent so we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you are on the paparazzi website 10 minutes before new releases so you can see them load and not miss out.  If you wait until you get our alert you will miss out on items as they sell out fast.


2nd part of the website is you can see exactly what pieces are new and how long ago they were released.  You can not shop on our site.  If you click the picture it will take you to the Paparazzi website to that exact piece.  Keep in mind if you are NOT logged in to your Paparazzi Back Office the retail price of $5 will show.  So always log in to your back office first and click new order.  Then go to our website and it will give you the consultant pricing.  Make sure to bookmark the site as you can always refresh it and see if new pieces have hit.


Signing up for the alerts.


If you recently just joined Paparazzi and get an error during signup (Invalid Consultant ID)  Please give it another day or 2 and try to signup again.  I have to manually update the website with everyone that joins.  It is a time consuming process and I only do it every 2-3 days.


Click here to signup and please remember Do NOT share with anyone!


Once you have an account setup please do NOT click on the above link again it will give you an error as that link is ONLY to create an account.


If you want to just view pieces go directly to


Step by Step signup process!

Step one: 





Step 2 this is NOT the final step!!!  This will email you a confirmation email and you need to click the link in that email to get to step 3!!!  If you do NOT get your confirmation email it means you are not checking the correct email address (one that is showing in your Paparazzi Back Office) or that your email provider has blocked the email.   If this is the case please follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.


Step 3:  When you click the link in your email from Step 2 it will take you to this page!  Please watch the MANDATORY 6 minute video!!!  This goes over how our system works and how to get the most of it!  If you ask a question that is covered on this video we will forward the link to the video to watch again ;) 

Step 3a:  Once you have watched the video you will then be able to type in a Create a password field.  (create a new one, this is not saved from our old site).

Step 4:  Your account is NOT completely done yet!  Still need to CONFIRM you cell phone #.  While we don't use this texts for new releases anymore (now done through our APP) we do use our texts to send challenges, congrats etc.  So please make sure to verify your cell phone #.

Verify the number in that box is your cell phone # and click "send code"  Make sure you have your cell phone around you as its going to send you a 4 digit code!


Step 5:  This is where you enter the 4 digit code that was just texted to the number you provided in step 4!

Step 6:  Congratulations!!!  You are now setup to be able to receive texts from us (not new piece alerts as that's on the app, follow steps below for that!








You must go to on your phone!  The download links are on the top of our site!  Click the link and it will take you to the App to download!  The iPhone/Apple download is ONLY available from our website!  You will NOT find it by searching in your app store!


*Apple users*

The download is large and on a slow server and you may get a weird screen like this

This is normal, just give it time to download.

Your login for the App is the same as it is for  If it gives you an error please ensure you are typing it correctly as some phones will try to auto capitalize the first letter of your password, which will cause it to be incorrect!


If you are able to login to and not the app you are typing it incorrectly.  If you can't get into then do a password reset.  If it asks for your password to change it, that's because you are logged in, you have to be logged out to do a password reset.

If you are already logged in use the Facebook Connect option shown in this Video and you won't have to worry about passwords anymore!

 How to find your Facebook Profile URL on a computer:

How to find your Facebook Profile on a Phone:


If these steps did not work for you and you are still having problems please email

You MUST include the following!!!


Consultant #

Cell # 

Email address (please write it out so I can copy and paste it)

and the exact problem you are having.  

Here is an example of an email I do NOT want to get!

Hey I'm not getting text alerts can you help me?


Instead please tell me all the information about and what steps you have done to first check and make sure your account is setup properly.  After all that is done please explain in detail if you are able to log into the site etc.  As much information as possible will enable me to help you quicker :)  Screen shots if you have them!