Paparazzi Matching Earrings Upgrade Matches Necklaces Style

Paparazzi Matching Earrings Upgrade Matches Necklaces Style

For Paparazzi, what does "upgraded earrings" mean?

Most necklaces come with a free pair of matching Paparazzi earrings which match, mimic, or complement the necklace.

Getting all the pieces together for the day's outfit is an easy decision some days and a seemingly impossible series of decisions on others. 


Paparazzi Necklace with Matching Earrings

For example, let's say you're wearing a beaded necklace.  You're going to want to find accessories that match those beads.  For Paparazzi jewelry, if you purchase a beaded necklace, the matching earrings will be those same beads. If there are little heart charms on the necklace, the earrings may also be those same heart charms! The matching, upgraded earrings could also be the same chain as the necklace is made from. As you will see, the matching earrings that accompany each Paparazzi necklace will vary from necklace to necklace. 

If you go to the jewelry section of major stores, their necklaces are sold without matching earrings. You would have to spend more to get earrings that match that necklace. With Paparazzi necklaces, you get a free pair of matching earrings. All necklaces, except for the Urban collection, come with a free pair of matching earrings. 

Do you love matching jewelry and upgraded jewelry pieces and sets?

The Paparazzi Zi Collection also comes with matching earrings. The Zi collection is a more elaborate, flashy necklace. Because of this, the upgraded matching earrings are just as flashy and wonderful. They are made of the same materials used in the Zi necklace. 

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