Paparazzi Earrings FAQ

Paparazzi Earrings FAQ

What type of metal are Paparazzi earrings made of?

Paparazzi earrings found in a jewelry boutique are made primarily of iron and other trace minerals. For example, steel, zinc, aluminum, or copper. As with all Paparazzi jewelry, the earrings are lead and nickel free. 

For Paparazzi, what does "upgraded earrings" mean?

Most of the Paparazzi necklaces come with a free pair of matching earrings. Most of the time these matching earrings are beads or small rhinestones. You can stick with wearing those earrings or you can upgrade the earrings to match the necklace perfectly. Sometimes a more prominent earring will add the right amount of fashion to your look. 

What kind of earrings does Paparazzi sell?

Paparazzi sells many types of earrings. Posts, fish hooks, ear crawlers, and jacket earrings are the main types in the collection. Paparazzi earrings will for sure stick out in your jewelry box! You will not find earrings in a Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog, because Paparazzi does not have a catalog. Paparazzi releases new types of earrings each week day. 

What are Paparazzi earrings?

Paparazzi Earrings are part of a chic jewelry collection. The best part about Paparazzi Earrings are the price. The regular price of earrings are $5! Paparazzi earrings are made from several different kinds of metals. 


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