What to Expect at a Paparazzi Convention!!!

In just 2 short weeks, we will ALL be in Las Vegas at the BIGGEST Paparazzi Party of the YEAR!!! I am so excited to meet everyone!!! I thought I would write an explanation of how Convention "works" and what to expect!

First lets cover the venue! The South Point hotel is great! It is about a 15 min ride from the Strip. It's not the nicest "Vegas-y" type of hotel that you find on the Strip but it's a great hotel! There are several restaurants (a buffet, Steak n Shake, a cafe type place that serves everything, a couple of pricier places too). They also have a 75cent hotdog cart! The pool area is nice! But the ground and the fake grass is HOT!!!! So wear flip flops!

After you arrive at the hotel and have checked in to your

room, take time to walk around the hotel! During your time

about you may come upon a HUGE HORSE STATUE!

This is a great statue for two reasons: picture opportunities and lets you

know that Convention is up the escalators that are right there!

So once you are at The Horse, go up the escalators. This will lead you to

the rooms that convention will be held in for the most part. There is a desk

up there that you will need to "Check In". At this check in, you will get

your Exclusive Convention Goodie Bag full of jewelry, a pen, and a

schedule. This schedule booklet last year had places to take notes in. But I

suggest taking a big notebook, I seriously filled up one last year with


You will also receive a sash that has your current rank on it. Wear

it!!! It is so fun. I felt funny at first when I went last year but EVERYONE

wears them and it really is a good time! You don't have to wear it to the

After Party or the Disco Bowling though.

I will go one by one through each Convention Activity and let you know the "dress code".

**Dressy Casual = anything from jeans and a nice shirt to leggings to slacks or skirt. It really is anything you want!!!**

Pink Ticket Welcome Reception - They didn't have this

event last year but I would assume to wear Dressy


General Sessions - Comfy but nice clothing! If you are

going on stage for hitting rank, they may have emailed

you when you will be on stage. This is a time for you to

shine so be camera ready! You may want to be more

dressy for pics but whatever you want! I saw consultants

in jeans and their convention shirt and others were

wearing churchy dresses!

Break Out Sessions - Comfy but nice, you will be sitting

for the most part from almost 4 hours!!!

Shopping Experiences - Anything! But thong swimsuits

are frowned upon! ;)

Disco Bowling - Dress up! Paparazzi is such a FUN

group of Consultants! Even if it's just a Hippie

Headband! I am going FULL OUT so you will not be the

only one all dressed up! I promise! But if you don't have

a get-up, no worries! Just come and enjoy chillin!

After Party - This is a BLAST! People tended to dress up

more for this one. I wore a maxi dress last year. Others

wore jeans and a nice shirt. There will be desserts, games,

give-aways, a comedian, just a good time!

SUMMARY: The summary of this is WEAR

If you have any questions,

please let me know!


General Sessions are awesome! During these you will hear from each of the Founders. They will PUMP you up! And it is so fun to get to know them! Evan Thomas who is the CFO is the Emcee of the event and he is SO funny and cute! You are going to fall in love with all of them!

To start the convention off, there will be a Zi Collection Runway show! This is where Consultants who won a modeling spot will show off this years exclusive Zi Collection pieces. These pieces are only available at Convention and are $5 to $15. These are not meant for resale, they are special for consultants. I won a modeling spot last year and it was a blast! There is so much cheering and love and support! It is just a good time!

(Me modeling!)
There will be a lot if recognition going on too. If you are a Director and above you will be able to walk the stage! They will call your name and you will go up, shake hands, and get your picture taken! Here is pic of me and all the Producers! (You can also check out what everyone is wearing to give you an idea of the "dress code"!)

Ty and I would LOVE to sit together as a Team if you want too! It is fun to have a cheering section and be by people you know! But you don't have to if you don't want to!

Friends of a Life Time!
This is me and the wonderful Kimberly Heislen (she is a fellow
Dazzling Diva) dancing it up ON STAGE during last years
convention. We met for the first time last year and we had a BLAST together! It was a bonding experience and now she is a close friend! You will also experience this. Maybe with me and/or other consultants. You will form bonds and friendships that will continue beyond Convention! Be excited!

There are 2 Paparazzi boutiques to shop from:

ZI DISTRICT - this offers all the Zi Collections and also apparel, business supplies, etc.

Town Square - this is where the Convention Exclusive Fall line is on display and where you can order.

Last year was crazy! People waited in line for HOURS for these places to open up. Some of the most popular pieces sold out. So just a "Heads Up"!

Here is a list of things you CAN'T FORGET to bring!!!

- Printed Ticket that was Emailed to you after Registering -

- Pink Ticket Welcome Reception Ticket that was mailed to you if you are a Pink Ticket Holder -

- Empower Me Pink Party Hopper Pass if you went to EMP -

- Your Scratch and Win Cards -

- Note Pad and Good Pens -

- Small Snacks you can nibble on during the General Sessions -