Top Tips for Paparazzi Facbook Parties!

Top Tips for Paparazzi Facbook Parties!




Paparazzi Facebook parties are the rage! Lots of consultants seem to be catching onto this trend and trying a party or two. What do they find? They learn they can sell a lot on Facebook and are able to book quite a few parties from each party. Many are even able to welcome new team members from those customers who attend their online parties and build a customer base of repeat buyers.


Why are Facebook parties so great?

- People will book them because they are EASY for the hostess. 

No refreshments, no passing out invites or cleaning house. Just invite their Facebook friends and send them a personal message telling them to accept the invitation.

- Hostesses can invite people from all over the country.

Geographic location isn't that big of a deal. Guests never have to leave their house.

- People can shop over the course of 2-3 days 

depending on how long you hold the party



Here are some great tips: (they are in random order)

1. Have your hostess PM or call the people she added to the party and personally invite them and explain it is a cute $5 jewelry party! Have her interact with her guests during the party.

2. Invite all the guests to invite more people. Have games/challenges/incentives for inviting friends, buying lots and booking parties.

3. Post a lot of variety and inventory. The more you have, the more you will sell.

4. Type "still available" on items that haven't sold the day after all items are posted so those pieces will be bumped to the top of the party.

5. Have fun! Play games. Make challenges! Interact!

6. Have a giveaway for those that "Like" your facebook/blog/papa page. It helps to make them returning customers.

7. Invite your customers that love Paparazzi to your parties.

8. Be organized! Have everything ready before you start your party and know how you are going to run your party!

9. Welcome everyone to the party individually about 45 min before and let them know how the party works. Ask if they have any questions.

10. Coach your hostesses on inviting, promoting, guest interaction, and after party bump ups.

11. Post your parties as public.

12. Follow up!!! Ask buying customers when they want their own party and if they want information on earning money with Paparazzi (becoming a consultant).

13. Do "no tax" on purchases for a 15 minute increment. Do games to get people to buy more.

14. Always post advertisements about becoming a paparazzi consultant and hosting a party,

15. Joke with you customers. Have a personality!!!!

16. When placing order save the photos immediately. ...even after a few hours some items might be sold out. AND be careful about PRE-SELLING anything you personally don't have in your hands. It is possible to order something and not get it due to being sold out before your order is packaged.

17. Ask for feedback from your customers - it is very helpful!! I was told today - "we loved it when you posted a lot of stuff really fast to keep our interest.

18. Post a sign three days prior to the show, 2 days prior and one day prior it creates excitement leading up to the party.

19. Make a big deal about how many FREE items your hostess has earned. It gets her guests thinking about hosting themselves.

20. Really work with your hostess on the best time of day to start her party. It's not much fun for your hostess if you start her party when she is not available.

21. When letting customers know how great it is to be a consultant, break it down into real life situations that are understandable. "Thanks for shopping with me today. I am a stay-at-home-mom who helps to support my family through providing women with cute $5 accessories. Because of this party, I earned enough to buy groceries for my family for 1 week. With the other party I have this week, I hope to pay for half of the car insurance." ETC.

22. Send the jewelry to the customers and hostess in a timely manner. Corporate does NOT like to get calls from customers who have bought jewelry from a Facebook party, but never received it.

23. Use a "mystery" graphic like 5 doors or 5 balloons with prizes behind them to help you book more parties from your party.

The most important thing about a Facebook party is just to try one!

Take the plunge and do it.


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