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My Paparazzi Accessories Office

Besides Paparazzi, I LOVE decorating my home! I also love creating my own decor. I wanted to update my boring green office and was inspired by my growing Paparazzi Accessories business! Paparazzi's signature colors are pink, black, and gray.I played off of that and decided to paint my walls gray and accent with black and pink (not as strong as the "hot" pink that Paparazzi uses though!).

I love how it turned out!

I wanted to decorate my wall that I look at while I work on my computer with my greatest accomplishments from Paparazzi and some highlights of my business ventures. In order for it to be more personalized and be just the right color I opted to buy wooden frames at the local Craft Store. I then cut out some coordinating paper and Mod Podged it on!

(I LOVE Mod Podge! I sometimes go around the house looking for things to Mod Podge paper on to!)

Anyway, so I put my Current Rank, Executive Producer, and my Crown Club 75 certificates up there. And also pics of some of my awesome Dazzling Divas team members, pics from our Cruise we got 1st place in, etc.

I bought black frames and put my past Ranks in them and displayed them above. It reminds me of how hard I have worked to reach each of those! 

The desk had glass front cabinets. I got some damask black and white wrapping paper and put some behind the glass. This adds pattern and also hides the "mess" behind it! ;)

Next to my desk, is a great shelf unit. Again, I went for splashes of pink and patterned boxes. I displayed my Executive Producer necklace and my Crown Club trophy's on the top. Then I put a cute wall hanging up!

I have my desk in one corner, a space for a cute shelf unit where I hung a clock and my "Star" from the "Pink Carpet" during last year's Convention,and then I have my kids desk in the other corner! I do a lot of work in this room so it is nice (sometimes) to be close to my boys. They usually play on the computer or draw and color. I kept this desk unit more "manly, no pink!

Then I have a big shelf unit with pink bins. I added chevron wrapping paper on the back of the shelves. I love how it dresses it up just a bit andadds that pattern look! And then I hung up my "Crown Club 50" Mega-Poster.

I just added the gray rug recently. I have wanted to put a rug down for sometime now. I found a HUGE sale at Target on rugs and went aheadand bought one! I gave it to my husband as a Christmas gift! Haha!!!

I hope you like my office as well! It sure does make working that much more fun when you can go to a room that inspires you!

Debbie Parkin

Paparazzi Accessories Independent Cons #11156


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