Paparazzi Jewelry and Yoga Have a Lot in Common!

I have recently started to exercise in order to get "buff" and also relieve some stresses and have some "me" time (which doesn't happen very often with 4 boys!)

Today I did a great Yoga class. I love Yoga because it is calm, relaxing, soothing, but it also provides a great workout! I consider myself a beginner since it has been several years since I did Yoga religiously. During the class the teacher challenged us on a lot of positions. In particular there was one position called "The Bird of Paradise". I have never done this position before and therefore I was a little hesitant to try.

I have included a picture so you can see this demanding position. But we started out in a "Sumo Squat" and then put one arm under one leg and the other arm behind our back. Then you linked hands. I did this part (the 1st picture) and was like, "Okay...I'm doing good!"

(This is not me, btw!)

Then the teacher challenged us to stand up on one leg. She seemed to do it with ease! You could hear others in the class either give it a try and fail or just say, "Yeah, right!" and laugh it off. Well, I grit my teeth and tried to stand. I didn't even come close to stand and quickly fell on my butt. Luckily the class was in a dark room, I wasn't too embarrassed!

In this world, you don't get too many second chances. Lucky for me, in Yoga you always have a second chance because you have 2 legs! What you do on one leg you need to do on the other leg! So we switched legs, got into the "Sumo Squat", got my hands together and everyone tried to stand again. THIS time, I got all my body weight onto my planted foot. I was thinking, "Okay...should I stop here so I don't fall on my butt, again?" But my mind felt determined. I s l o w l y straightened that anchor leg and stood. I was about half way up when my anchor leg started to waiver. It was wiggling and I thought, for a split second, to just give into that leg and fall. But instead, my mind told me "You ARE going to do this!". And right after I said that to myself, my leg stopped wobbling and I was able to fully straighten my leg and I was able to stand straight up.

I was amazed! I was amazed at my body and what I was capable of doing! I never knew I had it in me to be able to accomplish that tricky move! I felt so proud of myself! I walked out of that Yoga class a little taller that day!

I kept thinking about this experience throughout the day. It was just such a great experience and it dawned on me that this story can be applied to my life as well as my Paparazzi business.

Here are some lessons that I took away from that class that can be applied to your Paparazzi Business or if you are thinking about becoming a Paparazzi Consultant:

Don't be afraid to try new things!

I just started at this gym and was hesitant to even try the Yoga class! But, I decided to jump in with both feet and bought myself a Yoga Mat so I felt prepared.

Liken this to becoming a Paparazzi Consultant! It can be a scary thing, to start something new. We have all experienced this! But if you decide to go for it (which I think you should!;) go ahead and jump in with both feet! Might as well! Enroll with that Starter Kit! That is the perfect way to know that you are prepared for your new venture!

You will have an Instructor!

Just as in a Yoga class, there is a teacher there to help you along the way. This teacher instructs you on which positions to go in to. The teacher also gives you challenges to further your flexibility, endurance, focus, and also your strength. I, or whomever your Sponsor is, is like the Yoga Instructor.

As your Sponsor, I am there to guide you through. I can offer you direction and teach you how to have a successful Paparazzi business. I do this by sometimes giving my team a challenge. I do this to help grow your business and also help you discover the things you are capable of! Some of these challenges you will have to step out of your comfort zone. You may fall on your butt or you may be able to stand taller and learn something new about yourself to help your business!

You will Grow as a Person!

Before Paparazzi, I was just like I was at the new gym. I was unsure of myself, thought I was "just a mom", timid, and shy. As I have worked my Paparazzi business I have found things that I never knew I had in me (much like the Bird of Paradise move!). I have surprised myself at how far personally I have come. I have grown and as that has happened, my business has grown too! I now feel like I know what I am doing and I am proud of it and my accomplishments, just like I felt walking out of that Yoga class!

Others will think they can't do it!

Just like in class, those around me either fell down from the position or didn't even try. They thought why even try if I am just going to fall on my butt! You might think that too if you are thinking about joining. If you are already a consultant you might see those around that are discouraged or those that quit. There may be consultants who think that just because they are not successful at Home Parties or Events or Online Sales when they hear other Consultants are successful at those, that they might as well quit.

Don't fall victim to that!

You must remember that this is YOUR business!

The way you run your business is YOUR way! Just like your body's flexibility and stamina may be different then your neighboring Yoga-teer. Sure it's frustrating when the person next to you is more flexible and strong then you but you have to do what's best for YOU! So just because you hear that Suzie is really good at selling at Events and you quite haven't done so well at those, doesn't mean that you should give up!

You Can Do IT...Put Your Mind To IT!

Part of me wanted to give up on that Yoga move. But I made my mind speak to my body saying "You ARE going to do this!!!" and my body listened. Mind over Matter! If your mind tells you you ARE going to do something...chances are you WILL! But it also works negatively. If your brain tells you that you will never be able to hit that next Paparazzi Rank or get into that next Yoga move then you probably won't. You have got to have a positive, uplifting point of view. And then once you have reached that next rank or whatever you are going for, it is easier to make and achieve newer and harder goals because you have already proved to yourself that you CAN do it!

I have seen in my own team those that come to me telling me that they just can't recruit. They have tried everything to get a team underneath them but it is just not happening. I give them advice and a pep talk and they get this renewed confidence. I try to instill in them that they CAN do it! And before I know it, they are Welcoming a new Consultant into our Face Book group. And then a week or two later they are welcoming another recruit! It seems once you have gotten over that hurdle, the rest come easily! They have a renewed sense of esteem and confidence. Just like I felt when I walked out of that Yoga Room!

I am sure there are way more instances that I could relate to this analogy but you get the idea. I hope I wasn't rambling too much!!! But, to summarize:

Know what you want to attain and GO FOR IT!!!!

I would LOVE to be there for it and cheer you on!!!