Fast Start



Only 2 tasks are required for the fast start bonus!  I still recommend doing the rest of the items on this page as they are great for your business.


Required Task 1:

2 Facebook Live Parties!  Must show a minimum of 30 pieces each party!  Must be on your Personal Profile MUST WEAR THE JEWELRY!

Watch this video on how to do a Facebook Live!

Required Task 2:

2 Youtube Vidoes!  Must be at least 2 minutes long each!  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO BE WEARING THE JEWELRY!!!

There are some tips and tricks when writing your description and title.  Please make sure to watch this video!


Complete both of these tasks (2 Fb Lives & 2 Youtubes) in your first 40 days and I will send you 5 FREE PIECES!!!

Once done fill out the form here


That's a value of $25 for you simply for doing the things you should be doing anyway to get your business started!





Here's some other great things you can do to get started! 





Join our Team Facebook group

Write your "About You" story on replicated site

Upload photo for replicated site

Start a FB Business page

Start a FB VIP Group

Update Facebook to reflect Paparazzi Business


Have a Home Launch Party



Create a YouTube Channel for your Paparazzi Business

Make a Youtube Video

Ideas for Video:

  1. Your "story"
  2. The Opportunity
  3. The Compensation plan
  4. Hostess training for Facebook parties

Still need more ideas, just google "Paparazzi Jewelry" or "paparazzi accessories" and look at the current videos for ideas.  Find something you like, make it better, make it your own.