Facebook Party Info

Who doesn't LOVE FREE STUFF?!!

You can earn FREE jewelry and accessories simply by hosting a Paparazzi Facebook Party!

And guess what...




We will decide when a great time will be for your party. I suggest mid-week with the party lasting up to 4 days.



I will create a Facebook Event and invite you. Once you accept the Event invitiation, I will make you a Hostess. Your Event will look something like this:



Once you're a Hostess, you can start inviting your friends and family! The more you invite, the more will come! Invite your guests to invite their friends.



We PaRtY!

 At the start of the party I will post a "Roll Call" image. This will signal the start and to see who is there and ready! I sometimes randomly select a prize to whomever is there at the beggining. 

The party will be FUN! I promise! I include games, funny pictures,challenges, crazy little contests, etc.

Your guests will have a blast! And all from their comfy home and computer! 

During the party, I will post images of the pieces of jewelry and accessories that I have for sale. When your guests see something that they can't live without, they simply comment SOLD in the comment section under that image.

I will post new pieces for about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the interaction during the party. After the first night of the party, I will then keep posting new items throughout the length of the party. This is   done sporadically in order to keep gaining interest. 





 At the end of the party I will collect Email addresses from those that have ordered. I will then send them an invoice through Paypal. With Paypal, they will be able to pay with their Paypal account or any major credit card. 

Once their invoice is paid, I will ship their order out!





 I love to spoil my Hostesses! For every TEN PIECES sold at your party, you will get ONE FREE PIECE of your choice! These pcs can be those from the party or you can choose from my website, DebsJewelryShop.com.

But that's not all!

For every Party that is BOOKED during yours, you will receive ONE FREE PIECE!


Every 10 pieces sold = 1 free piece!

Every party booked during yours = 1 free piece!


For tips on how to get the most from your party, Click Here!


To host your own Paparazzi Facebook Party, please fill out the form below and I will contact you to schedule your party!




Debbie Parkin



Paparazzi Independent Consultant #11156


(This is my personal inventory! So much to choose from!)