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When Does Paparazzi Accessories Release New Jewelry Pieces?

When does Paparazzi Release New Jewelry?

Paparazzi releases new jewelry every week day (Monday through Friday). Paparazzi jewelry is usually released on those days at 3pm Eastern / 2pm Central / 1pm Mountain / 12pm Pacific. The only exceptions to this is if it's a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving.  These exceptions are emailed out and announced in your Paparazzi back office.

How to Get Paparazzi New Releases

Sometimes the new Paparazzi jewelry that gets released sell out within a minute or two. Because of this, you need to be fast and have a system down! As a customer you can go to the Paparazzi customer website and order there. You will pay $5 plus tax on any piece you would like. As a Paparazzi consultant, you will log into the back office to order new releases. I suggest logging into the Paparazzi back office at least 10 mins before the release happens. Make sure you go to the "New Releases" tab. Then, as the time comes, watch for the new pieces to be loaded. You will see the pieces "jump" around as they are making room for the new pieces. I suggest ordering at least $100 of jewelry because you get free shipping. Become a Paparazzi consultant and get new releases today!