Hey, I'm Ty and this is my Youtube Challenge.  Since you are here looking at this page that means you are #TEAMTY  and we are going to win this challenge against Debbie ;)


I can't stress enough how awesome Youtube videos are!  After you have made one and uploaded it it works for you 24x7 and gets you in front of people even while you are sleeping!   This is one of if not the best FREE method you can use to grow your business!  There is #NOEXCUSE not to do them!


I personally recommend doing videos that you think people are searching for when researching Paparazzi.  You want to show up for people that are interested in joining.   Eventually as you build a team I would recommend doing videos that are useful for consultants too as it will help your team and also even the people thinking about joining will see how you support your team.


Tips and Tricks:

Write a good title for the video, use keywords you want to show up for.

Write a good description, again using the keywords you want to show up for.  Include a link to your replicated website or personal website if you have one.  Make sure it is a call to action, like for more information visit my website  

When doing links ALWAYS use http://wwww.   without that your link will not be clickable:  YES  NO  NO


Here is a video showing the tips and tricks and how to upload.



Ideas for videos:

  • What is Paparazzi Jewelry?
  • What is Paparazzi Jewelry Made of?
  • What is a Paparazzi party?
  • Does Paparazzi Jewelry/accessories have a catalog?
  • Paparazzi Jewelry Review
  • Why I joined Paparazzi

If you need more ideas then that just do searches on Google for things with Paparazzi Jewelry or Accessories and look at the related searches at the bottom of the page.


A great thing about doing these videos is you can do them on things you don't know the answers to, which means you must research them first so you are giving accurate information.  This makes you more knowledgeable in the business and will help you in the future when a team member asks questions or a potential team member asks them and you already know the answer.


Videos should be at least 2 minutes!


Please fill out this form for Each Youtube Video you do (up to 4 videos)


Here is a screenshot of our Youtube.  Look at those numbers!!!  615,000 minutes of viewing time with 166,477 people seeing the videos!   How else are you going to get in front of that many people and for free?!