Spring and Summer Style Guide


Welcome to the season of expecting the unexpected! Throughout the 2014 Spring and Summer palette, you will find soft pastels combined with vibrant and bold colors, bringing a refreshing and modern approach to Spring fashion. You will see hints of trends past with updated twists, patterns and combinations, and timeless classics with some fresh and fun variations. These colors have created a playground of style this season where you can find and define your own unique balance.



Let's Have Some FUN discovering this year's TRENDIEST colors!!!





I am especially excited about this color because I LOVE purple!!! It is a beautiful shade that is playful, dramatic, exotic, pure, expressive, and creative. You will be seeing this color appear not only in Paparazzi Accessories new Spring line but also in clothing, home decor, and other places!


It has unlimited abilities to be matched with electric lime or its sister tones of soft pink and purple. This makes it irresistible!


Next we will look at the other colors that will also be dominating the fashion world:


Another show stopper is this color of Royal Blue is rich, versatile, eclectic, fluid, confident, and vivacious!

You will see this vibrant shade of blue in many Nautical themes. Pairs well with Gold.


Next is sure to draw attention:



This is an intense color that is strong, bright, tropical, warm, lively, and energetic!

You will see this color featured in seed bead bracelets and also layered with other colors.


Here you can see how well it goes when it is paired up with DAZZLING BLUE and other power colors.




This Spring and Summer's Orange is citrus, bold, spontaneous, animated, vivid, and reminds you of sunsets.

Pair it with gold for a classy look.




This may look like Mint green but it has a hint of more green in it. Hemlock is airy, soft, minty, elegant, chilled, and aquatic.

The look is timeless with Hemlock and gold.

Mixed with the other BOLD and BRIGHT colors of the season, Hemlock mellows down the intensity of the piece.





Cayenne is this Spring's red. It is powerful, spicy, hot, exciting, inviting, and demanding.

Cayenne mixes well with Hemlock. It can be with other bold colors too.





Sand is the neutral of the season. It brings with it the toasty, warm feeling. And is comfortable, golden, carefree, and beachy.

Sand mixes well with the strong colors and tends to tone them down.




With all those BRIGHT and BOLD colors stepping into the spotlight, you will see some other colors being used as accent colors.




tranquil, calming, crisp, smooth  -  feminine, flirty, vintage, light  -  cool, neutral, poised, sleek, slate.

See how you can mix these colors with the latest Trends!

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