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My husband and I have been working Paparazzi together full time since 2012.  We quickly climbed the ranks and even had new recognitions created just for us!  We are very passionate about this business and helping others find success.  Our team has many top sellers and high ranking Elite Leaders!  We love to see our team be successful and accomplish their goals.

If you have any questions please email us!  If you are ready to join look over the starter kit options below to find what best fits your needs!
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Paparazzi has three options for enrolling. These are called Starter Kits and they come with everything you need to get off to the best start possible. These Kits vary in size and come at $99, $299, and $499. I suggest enrolling with whichever kit you can invest in. You do get more inventory and value with the bigger kits. For more information about the Starter Kits, please click HERE! 


There are TWO main ways to make money with Paparazzi:

1 - Selling - You will receive 45% commissions on every piece of Paparazzi Jewelry you sell!
2 - Building a Team - Earn between 5 - 10% commissions from those you recruit..

Paparazzi is such great company and product. The pieces practically sell themselves! I liken the jewelry to that you would find at the mall in stores like Claire's and even Target! A great thing about Paparazzi Jewelry is you can sell just about anywhere! Some ideas on places you can sell Paparazzi are:
FREE Consultant Website - home parties - basket parties - work/office parties - fundraisers - events - boutiques/retail stores - events/trade shows - Facebook - personal website - and MORE!!!


Some other reasons joining Paparazzi is a "No-Brainer":

The Product - Women LOVE cute jewelry! And they love it even more when they find out it's all only $5!!! There is no pressure or guilt to buying it. People will host parties because they know their friends and family will love it and buy it!
The Company is still growing - There's room to sell the product, host parties, grow a team, and build a business. It is not a saturated market. Some parts of the country haven't even heard of Paparazzi! 

High Commissions - 45% commissions FROM THE START! And even more when you build a team!
Cash and Carry - Paparazzi can be a cash and carry company when you sell in-person. When you work a party or event everyone takes home their purchases that night. There is no ordering, delivery, or waiting for orders to come. This makes for happy customers and pockets full of cash for you!
Training, Support, and Encouragement - When you join my team you will get a lot of support and trainings! I want to see you succeed and I know what it takes! After enrollment, I will be sending you around 15 emails FULL of everything you need to know about Paparazzi Jewelry! This is the most in-depth training there is! There are also websites, Facebook groups, weekly newsletters, training calls, etc available for my team!

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If you have any questions please email

I look forward to having you on my team and helping you with your Paparazzi Journey!
Debbie and Ty Parkin
Paparazzi Elite Leaders